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  1. It was a pre existing problem. I didn't get the owner's manual with the truck I will looked it up online. Thank you for all you help and time.
  2. Thank you for helping me it is not the after market alarm system unfortunately. This was a problem that existed when I purchased it. The dealer didn't even know how to open the trunk when I pulled on the handle and it didn't open. I finally opened it on the lot only with the key FOB. Then I tried to press the soft button in the trunk and that didn't work either so he said it might be a fuse or relay. I have no clue which fuse box inside the truck it is to even check it because I didnt see it in the one under the hood.
  3. I have had my SRX for 2 yrs now and could never open my trunk by pulling on the handle on the trunk or close it by pressing the soft press button found on the inner rim of the trunk when its open. It opens and closes fine only with the key FOB. What could be causing this problem? It becomes a little annoying to always have to use the remote and being that I have a rechargeable after market alarm remote if it dies while I'm out I can't open my trunk so I need to fix what ever is wrong. Thanks for all your help.