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  1. Thank you so much for responding. I will charge it to get it up there and looked at. As soon as I do I will update my status with the results.
  2. Hello, I recently purchased a 2001 Deville for $500. The woman told me it had been setting for a month. The battery was less than a yr old and so was the alternator, both having warranties. It was her DD until a mishap with her license. I replaced the tires and battery, added coolant, transmission fluid, and oil. I drove the car for a week with no issues. I want to warm it up one morning to take my kids to school and it wouldn't start. I got a jump and it started. I only made it about 10 miles of the 15 mile drive to school. It died and wouldn't start back up. Each time I turned the key it made a rapid clicking noise. I took the battery to an O'REILLY where that charged it. The charge lasted 3 days and it started doing the same thing. I did the on-board diagnostic and several codes showed. PCM P0174 - Fuel Trim System Lean P0385 - CKP Sensor B Circuit P0386 - CKP Sensor B Performance P0420 - Catalyst System Low Efficiency RIM C0660 - Level Control Exhaust Valve Malfunction The codes above displayed as current. Several others are in the history. Q: The ABS codes that display begin with C but read as history. Are they current as well, or is that just the code letter for that system? My dad was a mechanic for 30 yrs. I loved to help him work. He passed away last yr so I'm lost on where to begin. Q: Can you guys explain what the codes mean, what the source of them may be, and what parts I need to buy first? Thank you all