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  1. The quickest way to clean your white walls is Bleache White and an SOS pad. Be careful with the Bleache White though, one gust of wind, and that stuff is terrible to breathe in. I find that the SOS pads work well with even soapy water, plus as someone said above, the BW can make your rims spotty, creating something else for you to clean.
  2. Does it maybe sound like the MAF sensor?
  3. Do either of you guys know where I can find just the wiring harness for the ignition coils?
  4. Long story short, a mechanic that I no longer use decided to power wash my engine after changing the oil pan/valve cover gaskets, and now my caddy struggles terribly. When it idles, the car jumps around, when accelerating from a stop, the car struggles to get up to 30-40mph. I am receiving a code P0354, which is misfire #4, but the coil and plug appears to be fine. I had a huge rip in the manifold coupling, so I changed that as well. Can anyone assist me in finding out what's wrong with my vehicle?