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  1. the code is P9052 , the car is not sluggish at all. I intend on replacing cat. for now I need to pass smog first and believe I will after a natural reset. there are driving patterns I'm told that can expedite the light out at a quicker rate? that was the question. Any knowledge of such would be appreciated .
  2. My engine light stays on for about 7-800 miles and then shuts off. I can drive for 70-80 miles and the light comes on again, This happens repeatedly. . The car runs beautifully and I believe would pass smog if it weren't for scope saying code pending. I believe when the light goes off by itself without mechanic clearing it, I should be able to sneak in for a quick smog pass before any "pending code" displays itself. I am waiting patiently for the light to go off by itself and "RESET" itself. I understand there is a hack to trick the car and get it to go off, as it would naturally. This is my first time to your forum, and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!