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  1. No code at all radio just went out and nothing on the screen plus lost control of the whole center console except for the flashers and traction control. When i hooked up the other 2 radios screen says locked but everything else works again
  2. Update. So im about to hair out at this point. Ended up buying a new radio from a place in ct that said they would program it with my vin info and it would come ready to go to just plug it in. Well it came today hooked it up and guess what? Screen says locked!!!! Im so mad at the moment. Emailed the place i got it from and they say there must be something wrong with my vehicle because it was a brand new radio and to send it back for a full refund. Now i dont know what to do. What else could be causing this??? Im starting to seriously hate this car!!
  3. Unbelievable, now they say there's nothing they can do with the radio. They said they've tried for 3 hours to erase the old vin and serial #s and they won't erase from the unit. I don't know if they don't know what they're doing or if the unit is damaged. They said they've done this many times before without any issues so not sure whats the problem with this one.
  4. I dont know either sounds strange to me also but thats we they said
  5. Well now the dealership is telling that the only way to unlock and program the radio is to send it to GM to have the old vin and serial numbers removed and mine put in. Not real happy cause i asked them about unlocking and programing a used raido before i bought it and they made it seem like its a simple procedure. Said they just had to plug it up to their computer. Waiting to hear back from GM to see what its going to cost me. Unreal
  6. Honestly it might be the original battery, i bought it from an older couple with only 32,000 miles on it. Only had the darn thing for 3 months! Hopefully a new battery and programing the radio and im back up and running. Evertime i try to save myself a little money by doing what i can myself it usually costs me more in the long run
  7. Took the battery out and had it charged and checked, turns out now the battery is bad. Brought it home and hooked it up now that it was charged and car started. Drove it straight to the dealership!
  8. Put old radio back in and getting the same thing, wondering since the battery is dead if the ecu isnt working. Trued to jump it with the alternative site under the hood and stll got the same thing.
  9. Yeah it is a used factory radio, the display says its locked which I was going to take to the dealership in the morning to get unlocked and programed. Now it wont start. The anti-theft light is on and now my battery is dead. After this im done with newer cadillacs, its always something and you just cant work on them yourself anymore. Its a shame
  10. My radio went out so i put a new one in and now my car won't start. Any ideas at all??
  11. My radio went out so i put a new one in and now my car won't start. Any ideas at all??
  12. Yep its the radio, took it to the dealership and $150 later they tell me the raido is not working and another $500 for a new one including installation. Anyone know if I bought a used one will I have to take it to the dealership to unlock it or is there a way to get the codes myself?
  13. sethc1020

    08 CTS Radio & HVAC stopped working

    Any idea if i purchase a new one from the dealership will it come with codes so i can install and program myself?
  14. sethc1020

    08 CTS Radio & HVAC stopped working

    Thanks guys for all the good info, looks like it will be a new one, dont want to go through the hastle of getting a used one and trying to get it programed.