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  1. Here is picture of Tan frame that holds mirror Screwdriver in slot that releases tab on black part attached to roof. Next picture shows screwdriver blade through slot on back side My finger is pointing to screwdriver blade. The black tab needs to clear the tan tab holder above the blade. There is one on each side that have to be released. When you have repaired mirror assembly, attach wires and press both sides near tab holders.
  2. I The part that is attached to the roof - which has the tabs that are holding the trim part of the vanity mirror looks like this after you remove the vanity mirror assembly. The back side that is attached to the roof is Hope this helps.
  3. Brmurph re color. I emailed gmparts complementing them about their website which had a diagram of the roof parts with the vanity mirror since it provided the GM part #. They responded not available with no color mention. I telephoned Cadillac heaven (ad in Hemmings) and spoke with the owner. I asked him if he had a "tan" mirror which GM called shale. He laughed and agreed that the name shale is misleading. He seemed to be very knowledgeable.
  4. There is a plastic part (about 12" by 10") attached to the roof with some black adhesive. This is the piece that has the tabs that the mirror assembly (with trim plate) attaches to. I only know this because Cadillac heaven sent me the "complete" assembly with some headliner attached. If needed, I can post photos of this.
  5. You are right. I contacted over 100 yards and ONLY cadillac heaven had more than one. Not sure how many, but if yo need one call fast.
  6. I paid $50.00 for mine. I found what you did on gmparts, but it is NOT available. I contacted them and they replied that it is NOT available.
  7. Unfortunately, the posts that the screws go in were broken off, only 1 screw held top and original owner glued the center pin into its socket. I was faced with fabricating new posts.
  8. I tried to repair mine, but it was easier to purchase one. The tabs that you release are attached to the frame plate attached to the roof. Look at the photo labeled "Attached) and the tab is behind the slot in the upper left of the pix. Use a flat head screw driver to push tab away from the assembly as you gently pull the left side of assembly down just enough to get beyond the tab. Repeat this on the slot on the other side. Remove the power and ground wires from the unit. See the "Assy Removed" pix. Remove both lenses using a small flat head. Be aware that there are 3 tabs on each lens. See "Lenses" pix. The four screws hold the front and rear parts of the swing down mirror assembly. My original was mucked up by original owner who must have pulled the two pieces apart without removing screws and broke the stubs on the back plate that the screws hold (see "ScrewHoles" pix) I tried contacted about 50 salvage yards in North Carolina, and found a Cadillac "gold mine" for used parts. They had some rear seat vanity mirrors and I bought one. Cadillac Heaven is in Leland NC 28451 (910) 655-9330 or (800) 227-9330. Unable to attach photos. Contact me with email address and I will send them.
  9. Sorry, just found the manual section - 10-9-7. Problem soved
  10. The rear seat vanity mirror (passenger side) in my 98 D'elegance is not right. The mirror itself is fine but the assembly that tilts down is slightly separated and I removed the unit from the roof. The front and back of the mirror assembly was not tightly together. I removed the 2 lens plates and found only 2 screws - 2 missing. I will try to repair this but cannot separate the 2 pieces? No screws, but 1 corner will not release. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. I am looking for new floor mats for my 1998 D'elegance which as a "Camel" interior. I am considering getting Lloyd mats, but what color? they have many in that color range. Also, do you suggest Ultimat or Lux, with ot without crest?