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  1. The ongoing Deville thread

    Congrats on cruising in a Deville again. Sounds like a multi meter is going to be your friend for the wiper problem. I'd rather be driving with a good engine and no wipers, compared to perfect wipers and sitting in driveway overheating. Lol.
  2. My truck is a 388, it's an evolution of 379. Just the old school square look. Not too much of the aero style. The truck only has 280k miles on it. I did receive all the previous maintenance logs with it. I just follow the factory recommendations for the services. Annually you need to have a trucks get a department of transportation inspection and then you get a sticker to put on the side of the truck. I'm sure there are programs out there to manage the business, but with car hauling it's a little bit different than just hauling a trailer and either getting unloaded at a dock or just dropping trailer and picking up another. Of the 9 cars I'm capable of hauling it seems to be that only 3-4 would be for the same customer each trip. Some trips that my brother runs all 9 cars are for a different client. I'm just following my brothers business model and using the accountant he uses for the financial side. For the compliance side of the truck I am using a company that does it all. And they have 24 hour assistance, just in case there a problem at a weigh station or a roadside truck inspection, hopefully never for an accident. Any and all permits are handled through them. There are a lot more to running a semi truck then I ever imagined. To have your own company take the mental thought of dumb trucker and throw that out the window. It takes quite a bit to do this, being a company driver that's for the dumb trucker. To run your own truck you have to set up a LLC, then with the DOT you need to set up your own authority for each state you will drive in. I have mine assert up for eat of the Mississippi, if I go anywhere else the company told me out Tasha a few days to add other states. Plus more money. Then some states like Kentucky you need additional registration. Then there is fuel tax permits, know as IFTA. I'm just glad there are one stop companies to handle all the compliance stuff.
  3. Got my temporary drivers permit for my CDL. Took my first drive today in my used semi car hauler. It's definitely not a Cadillac. I guess from what my brother said who was riding with me it's a better driving and riding truck than his. It'll take done getting used to, glad I went driving it much, only when my driver is on vacation or maybe short trips in town to drop off or load cars. I bought a 2012 peterbilt with a 2013 trailer. Holy crud talk about torque. I short shifted because it was empty but never went above 1300 rpm.
  4. Starter & Alternator Rebuilder

    Be thankful we are not talking Maybach alternators .a few years back at the dealer I work at we had a Maybach 65 with a bad alternator. It was like 3 months out of warranty. The part was $12,000. Labor was about $2500. Maybach goodwill the alternator and customer paid for labor. It was a 275 amp that is shaft driven off a Jack shaft from the rear of the engine. It is cooled by coolant and bolted to the block and lubricated by engine oil. All those electronics and accessories in the car use a ton of power. I guys if you can buy a $250,000 car a $15,000 bill for an alternator is no big deal. But me I'd cry, then poop, then cry more.
  5. Starter & Alternator Rebuilder

    I'm lucky, here in Columbus Ohio we have a great rebuild that's local. I've always had then rebuild my own part instead of taking one off the shelf. Just dwells better to me too know I am getting my original part back, off close it's been tanked and cleaned. Normally I drop off in the morning and pick up later that day. I like that they replace all parts that wear, not just what went bad. I've heard that AutoZone and other stores only remove what was bad plus bearings. The last northstar alternator I had rebuilt it was about $75. The company is Hite Parts exchange. They also sell parts if you want to rebuild your own. Not sure if they do mail order rebuild bit for site they do sell the parts. Highly recommended.
  6. Adding Bluetooth to Bose

    If your car has a cassette player there are cassette adapters now that stream Bluetooth. I forgot about those. I got one at best buy for $25. It works great. Downside is it only last about 6-8 hours till I need to recharge it. Just used a micro usb like my phone. Actually Wal-Mart had Same one less than $20. Made by Ion it's a ITR20.
  7. Adding Bluetooth to Bose

    There is a wired adapter the PDX box and wiring connector for the CD changer input that's about $90. But I saw a neat looking Bluetooth adapter that does phone calls and music streaming that can be hook up through a aux input or it connects inline with the radio antenna to play through a radio station. I've had bad luck with the style that plugs into power port and transmits. I always seem to get static. But I can help but to think an amplified signal that is sent to radio by having the antenna plug into the module would most likely give positive results. But for $150 I don't want to be the tester.http://pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=1195&CategoryID=55
  8. Adding Bluetooth to Bose

    I inquired at my local car audio shop and they were not sure if PIE still makes that adapter.. But Pac Audi makes adapters. And they make a Bluetooth adapter for the Eldorado that has Bluetooth streaming music support. Here is a link to to Pac audio website for the Eldorado and what products they make http://pac-audio.com/productSearch.aspx?Make=Cadillac&MakeId=37&Model=El%20Dorado&ModelId=1570&Year=1997&YearId=8
  9. problem med 6volt ?

    I had a 6 volt car a few years back and I installed a 12 volt alternator then built a regulator/ resistor box to knock it down to 6 volts. Then I also used the 12 volt output for a modern stereo and also a power outlet to charge my cell phone.
  10. problem med 6volt ?

    Halloj them all, I have for years had trouble getting the charge to work well on my CAD 50 ser.62 (6volt DC). Spring-15, I bought a 6volt AC generator (alternator) from powermaster performance in the United States. It has built-in regulator so it's just plug the single cable (one wire operation) to the battery, and disconnect any other cords. It basically looks like an original generator and it takes only 10 minutes to restore to the original if you want it. It produces 53 A at idle up to 64 when I lathes. I've been running all summer without problems. High beam, Deluxeheater, kupefläkt mm in the same gång.fungerar perfect. I recommend anyone who has the same problem with the charge to install an alternator Much easier than building on the 12volt. Good Jul.Bosse
  11. problem med 6volt ?

    I used Google translate and this is the best I can get for the members here like me who cannot read Swedish
  12. The ongoing Deville thread

    Sorry to hear this. You can try car-part.com for an engine.I prefer to buy mine from a LKQ. With then you can get a warranty and also their warranty had an option to cover labor of the engine fails. So then your not paying labor 2 times even though the engine is warrantied
  13. Adding Bluetooth to Bose

    I had in my older Deville an adapter that connect to my CD changer input. It basically made that an aux input. From there you could use a 3.5mm Jack to input or a Bluetooth adapter that puts out to 3.5mm PIE made the adapter. Think it was a model GM10-AUX . Think that'll do what you want
  14. Wow. That must have been a high school kid that is related to someone high up in the dealership that did the oil change. Doesn't seem like anything a experienced mechanic would do.
  15. The amount of hacks that do hall work and create more problems than what they started with. Of they just flat out ruin good reusable parts. It's a shame and those mechanics should have all tools removed from their possession.