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  1. my son is working on his eldorado and the alternator mount bracket has a big piece broken of its a three bolt patteren two in the block and one to bottom of alternator appears to be made of graphite or die cast but cant find one exactly like it to replace not even pictures of one he has other then bolt patteren can anyone help or is familar with what im talking about
  2. overheating

    i'm am trying to find location of ect sensor to change out with new one but also had overheating issues a couple months back and out of blue stopped then today non stop overheating constantly have ordered new thermostat which i plan to install this weekend but through all this i have never heard or seen the fans kick in tried also locating the fan relay in engine compartment but nothing listed except 50 amp fuse which was fine and i know fans should have come on temp hit 255 today
  3. 96 4.6 deville had some overheating issues about two months ago then stopped today started all over again non stop would get it cooled down replace coolent start up heat right up as high as 250-260 have new ect sensor to install but can't locate it on motor also have ordered new thermostat how ever i have not heard or seen the fans kick in also trying to locate the fan relay in engine compartment but relay for fan only 50 amp fuse any help would be greatly appreciated