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  1. this is the best part, when I come back and tell everyone it runs! the flagship 1 ECM works. the theft deterrent system required that re-learn. and I didn't have to go to the stealer. thank you OldCadTech
  2. installed the new ECM, but it won't turn over. Now getting message "starting disabled, remove key". the key does remove now and no longer getting u0 001 code. looks like this job will require a tech II/dealer.
  3. i'm trying to figure out whether the ECM can be replaced without requiring a tech II and all the learn procedures.. the service manual says the theft deterrent system requires a learn procedure after replacing the PCM. some BS about a "fuel continue password". then there's the "crankshaft position sensor system variation learn". can I just get this pre-programmed unit and it'll all just work or should I tow to dealer? thanks. http://www.fs1inc.com/oem-engine-computer-programmed-plug-play-2005-cadillac-srx-12581144-3-6l-ecu-ecm-pcm.html
  4. there's apparently also a top dead center sensor on the cam shaft. so i guess i don't have to be concerned about that. so the security system must recognize the keys (1 and 2) and not the ECM. .i don't see any pelets on these keys. the identifier must be in the key or fob.
  5. Is there a trick to telling the ECM where top dead center is? There's some chatter about programming the keys?
  6. i have no reason to suspect the battery went dead. However, it did drop to 12 volts when the key got stuck. the security light is not on steady. code was cleared, then came right back again. i suspect the ECM has gone. Is it true that I can buy one pre-programmed? It seems all they need is the VIN. So I don't have to go to the stealer? is the PCM located on the side of the engine compartment fuse box? thanks.
  7. help! my 05 SRX all of a sudden won't turn over (the whole dash goes blank when attempt to start), and the key won't go back to position A, nor will it release. the battery is charged, and released the key manually by pressing that spring under the column. getting code: U0 100 DIC said "service theft system" thanks,
  8. Finally got around to changing the spark plugs at 87k. The Cylinder 3 plug was particularly mucked up on the electrode, which was most likely the cause of the misfire. I decided to replace the plenum gaskets with felpro, even though the original metal based gaskets looked ok. It was about a 2 1/2 hour job to replace the plugs. I also replaced cyl 3 coil just in case. The SRX is running great, and the tranny is especially smooth after filling her up with Royal Purple.
  9. This story has a happy ending. The misfire stopped after adding a bottle of Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner to the gas tank. My father also said that he filled the car at a Quick Check. Not exactly "Top Tier" gas.
  10. The intake manifold (sometimes referred to as the plenum) has to be loosened and moved around to access the spark plugs. Some folks don't replace the plenum gaskets. Does that seem like the proper procedure?
  11. Thanks for the reply Bruce. It bucked just twice over a 60 mile trip. Once while going up a hill, another on the highway. The engine light tripped on both occasions then went off. It appears to occur when the engine is hot. I just took it for a 10 mile test drive (25 degrees outside) without incident. Very smooth. There's no timing chain noise that I can hear. It appears that it's quite a job to get these spark plugs changed. The intake manifold has to be removed? Holy smoke! So if we take it to a shop, we should have them inspect the plugs. If there's nothing obvious with them maybe we should have them change the coil pack(s)($70) and injector(s) as well, since it's such a hassle accessing them. About the spark plugs, are they platinum or iridium? Rock auto doesn't offer wires, so it looks like the ignition coil plugs right into the plug. Thanks.
  12. Hi, It's been a while since I've posted here after the '94 Seville puckered out. But my father's '05 SRX (6 cyl) intermittently bucks and the engine light just lit up, with a P0303 code. It has 70,000 miles. Guess I'll start with the spark plugs and wires. Any other suggestions? Can injector cleaners cause harm? Thanks.
  13. Shes smoking

    Here are the two other spark plugs from the front of the car (cylinders 2,4). http://www.ahappyhabitat.com/tmp/PLUGSFRONTOUTER.jpg They aren't as carboned up as cylinders 4,6. These gals won't let go of this car so easily. It must be the WOTs.
  14. Shes smoking

    Here are pics of two front spark plugs. They are both coated with black carbon, each with very heavy carbon on one side, a little lighter on the other. http://www.ahappyhabitat.com/tmp/summmmmer041433.jpg Records show that the smoking started at about the time the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) was installed. The FPR was replaced because it was hard to start when hot. So the next step is to replace the FPR again? The theory is that gas is getting into the intake through the vacuum line on the regulator? Thanks.
  15. Shes smoking

    It has 130,000 miles. The car has been in the family for 6 years. We wanted to pass it down from mother to daughter. For exhaust, it has stainless steel Flowmaster Delta Flow mufflers. The rest of the exhaust is original. Lousy tips. It passed inspection, so sometimes the smoke isn't so bad. That pic was a few minutes after starting and it clears a bit after warming. The only codes are service ride control. It really does run well other than the smoke. The service light is not on, and not tampered with. So it may just be the catalytic converter? The exhaust doesn't smell like water. But it does consume water (2 cups per week), and has a small leak way back in the water crossover seal by the water inlet tube for the heater core.