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  1. Have a 1996 STS Seville, the check engine light is on the car is saying to service emmisions, replaced gas cap and check engine light went out, then about 1/2 hour later it came back on and won't go out now. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions about what to do and want to know if there is a good way to clean EGR valve versus replacing it. Thanks
  2. Service engine light on

    Did the guys from autozone tell you about "EGR valve that lets unburned gas fume go back to gas tank" ? Under certain conditions the EGR valve lets exhaust gases into combustion chumber to cool the mix down and decrease pollution. Please define TB? Thanks LL
  3. Have a service engine test light on, went to auto zone for code reading was told it read P1406 which said to check out the EGR valve, also was told to replace gas cap which I did and light went out immediatly but a few minutes it came right back on. Does any one know where EGR valve that lets unburned gas fume go back to gas tank is located. Also how big a deal is it to replace, Thanks LLewis
  4. I have a 1996 STS Seville, the turn signals sometimes work and sometimes they won't. It was like when the flasher got hot after the turn signal was on for a while it would guit working and then after it cooled off they would work again. I replaced the flasher and everything was fine for about three weeks then they guit all together. I replaced the flasher with another one and they still wouldn't work at all then this morning they went back to working. I thought maybe moving the steering wheel was makeing a difference but yesterday they wouldn't work at all the this morning with out doing anything they started working again...... any suggestions on how to solve this problem, I want to thank you in advance for any help. You guys are great..... Thanks, Larry Lewis
  5. Anyone know which wires to jumper to get drivers side window up. It will rool down but having a heck of a time getting it back up,switch doesnt' feel right and the switch box is all one unit. ??? Thanks
  6. Where online is the best place to buy Cadillac parts, Thanks
  7. Need to replace drivers side window switch, I think window won't rool down, can I just replace the one switch, do I need to order any other parts and does anyone have a diagrahm of the system, Thanks Larry
  8. Where might the black box flasher unit be located on a 1996 STS the turn signals work sometimes and sometimes they don't, Thanks for your answers, Larry
  9. Intermittent blinkers

    Where might the black box flasher unit be located, and thanks for the answer.
  10. 1996 STS, sometimes the turn signals just quit working then later in the day they all go right back to working again. All bulbs and fuses are good. Any suggestions where to begin? Thanks Larry
  11. Have a 1996 STS, it won't start, ran battery down last night and now it won't even click when I turn key in ignition. I have a Chilton 1990-1998 Gen. motors repair manual,but even though I am a fair mech. I cant find the starter because pics are unclear, is there a better source to locate starter? If I can find I can replace it. Thanks, Larry
  12. Emergency brake set cant release

    Thanks you very much, Larry
  13. I have a 1996 sts and I cant get it started, in the process of working on it I set emer brake and now cant release emer. brake because car wont start any suggestions? Thanks