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  1. Well, I notice that my code would come on when it was extremely hot but my all fluids were in specs of standards. After returning home, I jacked the car from the drivers side and pulled the 02 sensor bank 1, AC Delco and cleaned it but ended up replacing all 02's only to find that wasn't my fix. SES returned as soon as I idled at a light after the engine reached 160 degrees, so back to the garage. Called Jeff from XXXXXXX and was told to pull XXXXXXX and thought, why nobody answered my post. Was it because I didn't renew my support status for I've help a few guys and posted how to rewire a complete 05 deville stereo system with bypassing the amp and still sounding good today with the factory radio in the trunk. Is this a money thing or what? Not helping a person because my payment for support didn't clear? I FIXED MY PROBLEM WITHOUT REPLACING MY CAT AND TO FIND OUT IT WASN'T THAT CAT WITH A CODE OF P0420. You may not post this after you read it, but someone needs a reality check. I'M NOT TELL YOU HOW I FIXED MY 05 DEVILLE. BYE ICECOLD !!!!!!!!!
  2. Found my problem, and a very simple fix.....Wow...All codes cleared up...What a dream!
  3. It's been awhile since I've posted with a problem, but I'm back with a trouble code P0420. I was thinking on the bank1 02 sensor for a start. I've also notice I'm burning fuel like crazy and within 100 miles of driving P0420 pops back. I cleared the code, and it stays off for a while but return when it's hot I've noticed. I have 161K on 05 deville base, trying to decide where to start. BTW my scan tool says unsure if it would pass emission test. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Update.....How wonderful the SOUND!!! My head unit that I placed in the trunk wasn't stable or secure which turned my unit off in the trunk when I hit a bump of any size which resulted in crazy codes... I cut a piece of the grey cushing off over top the knob and removed the knob to prevent any future problems. "Fixed" The only speaker I didn't replace was the center front 3 1/2 speaker, so I cut the wires going to that speaker which in fact was off setting my sound quality. My wire for the front center speaker was under the rear seat on the passenger side (Lt blue & yellow) I think. The quality of sound is crisp, powerful and very clear with much improvement from the standard OEM equipment. To recap, I replaced all the door speakers, Side tweeters, removed the 10" sub and replaced it with my sub along with an amp for the sub only. My head unit has enough power to run the doors and tweeters with great power and clarity to peek performance. No codes and chimes retained. Hope this can help someone looking to upgrade outside of the norm. Thank you winterset for the data line connection problem..
  5. Yeah, I did both struts about 4 months ago and the front end raised about 1-1/2 inch. Rides and feels great. The only way to go....
  6. I think the secondary air injection pump needs replacing, however, I will be replacing all Bosch 02 sensors this week. I've been running premium fuel for a while, any harm in doing this?
  7. Outstanding....Good job and I know how you are feeling after this long draining process. You saved yourself a ton of money!
  8. ​While sitting at a light, my irritating ses light came on, now what! I ran the codes and p0420 came up. After researching the code it came to the catalytic converter, fuel mixtures and air out of whack. I have noticed lately I've been burning an awful lot of fuel, however, my indicator says I'm getting 17.3 in the city, but my pocket says different. All 3 O2 sensors are new oem brand and no codes exist for such fault in my system. I did noticed that the air pump in the front on the left behind the bumper seems to be falling apart (Brittle) may need to be changed. Could this be a concern that could cause this code? I seem to have a funky exhaust smell from time to time and maybe that's a warning sign that lead to this code. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Sorry if posted in the wrong topic area After reading several post concerning aftermarket radio installation, I decided to follow the directions of another post I found on the net that really made since. I pulled my aftermarket radio and clip the 2 purple wires controlling the (Data Bus). I went to a local music store and purchased data wire "50 ft" and found that each wire inside of the purchased wire contained the 6 strings needed for each data line and a perfect match. (Think it was a 22 gauge), The roll actually had 2 lines and a ground which I discarded to only leave the 2 data lines in 1 single rolled. I visited a local salvage yard and purchased 2 connections that connect to the radio, both connections were different. (2 devilles from different years). I ran 2 lines that was direct from each data (purple) and sliced into the ground and orange wires and ran them to the trunk, where I placed the factory radio. The slot on the right hand side inside of the trunk with the black guard was a perfect fit. Cutting a box to fit the adapter from the bottom of the grey mesh I connected the wires to the connector from the salvage yard that matched my connector for my factory unit. The connector and the black guard held my factory radio in place perfect. When I turned my unit on, the unit in the trunk came on simultaneously and "WOW", my JVC sounded excellent with the right sounds coming from each speaker but I had to turn the center speaker back not to over power the others. I placed a piece of folded paper (THICK) behind the radio to keep it from cutting off by hitting the small over hang from the side trunk material. I also cut a box out of the black holder that was actually hold the factory radio in place so it could breath. Each time the car starts both radios turn on letting the system blend together as a unit with the correct time. I previously posted that I upgraded all of my speakers, minus the center speaker and the sound is simply amazing. My only problem is I didn't bypass that factory amp behind the rear seat. Sometimes, I can hear it cutting on and off but my volume self adjust, so I'm cool with that until I get bored! I've only had one problem a few moths ago, for some reason the factory unit in the trunk didn't turn on when I started the car and all kinds of faults (low battery, air bag, SES, theft and no dash indicators. I opened the trunk and the radio was off. I must have hit it while putting bags in the trunk, which gave me the idea of the thick paper behind the radio, and maybe removing the on/off knob completely only leaving the stud. I hope this post can help someone having the same problems and or concerns... BTY, I still have steering wheel controls from my purchased adapters.
  10. Have you tried looking on Ebay for a coil pack? You can normally find new items very cheap, just stay away from salvage cars because of the unknown. I found that some parts cant be substituted as they effect another part. I'm surprised that the dealer didn't key in on the bad coils when they changed your rear plugs seeing your SES light was on and flashing. I've been down the same road with the same problems! I have a coil pack in the garage that I can't use and you are welcome to it if you like. Send me your part number and I'll match them up.
  11. Check your control arms. It sounds like the bushings that connect it to the sub frame maybe shot.
  12. To remove the A.I.R valve mount you have to remove the 2 hex bolts on top and 2 bolts holding the flex metal together . I think it's a 10mm, and it can be a pain but you can do it. Run your hand and look down the line and you will see it.
  13. Friend of mine own a 2000 Seville SLS that has a rear engine knock somewhere top of engine on the drivers side and a loss of power until engine temp dropped. (Went just above 1/2 on engine temp. Trying to find but can't pin point it either. The only codes I gathered was B1009 and U1040.
  14. Once you remove the door paneling, you will see your three bolts. I just tightened one up last week.