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  1. 07 escalade unveiling

    hip-FLOP culture...
  2. time serts

    What amazes me about Cadillac is that they want you to pay $40K or more for a vechicle and then they want you to bring it back to the dealer for service. Many (not all) times the Cadillac service techs aren't even qualified to work on a lawn mower. Go figure. After my last A/C compressor died, I'm really losing confidence in dealer service.
  3. A/C Compressors and Alternators

    I talked to my Service Writer today. I only go to this one particular SW. He has always been great and shoots straight, or I though so. I've been taking my Caddys to him for over five years now. Now I'm concerned about the shop practices after our discussion. Here's what I learned: 1. Piston in compressor disintegrated. (Already knew that one.) 2. Replaced compressor and orifice tube. (Already knew these also.) 3. They DO NOT flush accumulators or condensers unless pressure readings tell them otherwise. 4. They DO NOT replace accumulators or condensers unless they cannot be cleared by flushing. 5. They have not replaced a accumulator due to a failed compressor in the 13 years he has worked there that he can remember. 6. Flushing a condenser is a very rare operation for the shop. 7. They rely on the orifice tube (A 25 cent piece of plastic and fine fish net) to screen any and all debris from the system. 8. I didn't matter if I had an extended warranty or not. Their repair/replacement would have been exactly the same. I have a sinking feeling that I'll be replacing a compressor/orifice tube/accumulator/condenser in another 27,000 miles or less. Now I'm questioning the service they have performed on my Caddys!
  4. A/C Compressors and Alternators

    The original compressor which failed in 2002 was due to a piston failure also. Mileage was about 54,000. Both of the compressors were/are new A/C Delcos. The parts replaced were the compressor and the orifice tube on both repairs. I'm beginning to suspect that the warranty company may be tying the hands of my dealer when it comes to the "extra measure" of a "complete" repair. I don't know this for sure, but I'm going to find out tomorrow. More to follow.....
  5. A/C Compressors and Alternators

    I've trusted the dealer service department in the past. Now I'm beginning not to feel so comfortable about using them. An A/C compressor just shouldn't die after 27,000 miles. Trying to find a good independent shop is like looking for a needle-in-a-haystack here.
  6. On Monday, I got the dreaded message "Very Low Refrigerant" A/C Compressor Off" on my '97 ETC. I had driven about 60 miles, shut the car off and went in for an appointment. Came out an hour later and no A/C. The system had been working fine. It produced a nice Artic blast throughout the very hot summer we had here. I took the car into the Caddy dealership that does my service on Tuesday. They found a leak in the system and the piston in the compressor was in pieces! I wish I'd had my camera. It was a mess! Thankfully my extended warranty picked up the tab of $874 and change. I'm going to miss my warranty when it runs out next October! Here's my question. In September 2002 I had to have the compressor et al, replaced. Now three years later and only 27,000 miles I've had to replace it all again. What gives? Is the service tech not getting all the debris out of the system. It just seem bizarre. Also I've also gone through two alternators in two years. Anything to these incidents related? Just speculating here... Any ideas guys?
  7. It amazes me that you can't purchase the bulbs through the parts department. Thay are so easy to replace! The radio, steering wheel controls, power seat switches and power window switches use those bulbs. What a waste of completely serviceable parts just to replace a bulb with GM's way of thinking. Guess I'll order some spares from radio shack.
  8. Now I Truly have seen everything

    I know this is not a Cadillac, but this thing is so ridiculous it deserves a mention!!! I still can't believe someone spent good money on a car for it to look like that!
  9. Delphi?

    I am so sick and tired of American jobs and product manufacturing going overseas. When I purchase something big or little, I will spend more for a comparable (sp) American made product than a foreign product. I don't carry an American Express card anymore because many of their "call-center" services are in India.
  10. 01 DeVille DTS Volant/Corsa

    The variation in RPMs could be something simple such as a prevailing headwind or tailwind. Wet vs. dry pavement. Just a thought idea...
  11. Dex cool or no Dex cool

    What brands of "Dex-Cool" coolant/anti-freeze does everyone use?
  12. Delphi?

    How is Delphi's problems going to effect the service parts industry? Almost all GM factory replacement parts from PCMs, BCMs, modules of any shape, size and type, radios, amplifiers, HVAC equipment, etc. all have the Delphi label on them. Are we going to see prices skyrocket? Are we going to see parts availability problems? Just my train of thought...
  13. Fall Weather

    I like the touch of Cadillac script that says "Seville" added to the door of the newer model. Its interesting how we each "tweak" our cars to suit our own personal style.
  14. Domestic Performance hmmmm

    If you go to Fresno, be sure and post a guard by your car. I noticed recently that Fresno was #9 of 10 in the NCIB Vehicle Theft Study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
  15. Fall Weather

    The website that was posted earlier has to be the scariest thing I've seen in a long time! Men looking like women and women looking like aliens!! Ewwwwwww...