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  1. 2004 Deville won't start.

    It is not even firing now. My wife says she hears the pump kick on. I will have to see if I can find my fuel pressure guage. I also need to check and possibly clean the Throttle body out. Same codes.
  2. 2004 Deville won't start.

    I went back and checked the forum and realized that I had changed the boot on my 1n-laws 2003 not my 2004. So that is where I will start. Thanks Logan.
  3. 2004 Deville won't start.

    I have already changed that a few years back. Could it be bad again? I also changed the elbow on the right side of the intake earlier. I might have to check the intake bolts in case of vacuum leak.
  4. Thank you Logan! I do need to change the tranny filter & fluid.
  5. My 2004 Deville has been running rough lately, then last week we got gas at a local Sams Club. I should have went somewhere else when I saw the bags on some of the pumps. I ended up filling it up, then we stopped a few miles down the road for snacks and when we got back on the road and was sitting at a light it just died. My wife tried to start it a few times to no avail. Then after a few minutes she tried it again and it started but it was running rough. She kept the rpm's up until it smoothed out and we headed home. I suspected bad gas then. It ran ok for about a week and I filled it up again at another station, it ran good a few more days then died on me at home. I managed to keep it running enough to back it into the driveway. I went out this morning and it would not start. I put some dry gas in it and tried to start it again but no luck. It would fire occasionally but no start. The current codes are: P0171, P0174, P0897. The history codes are P0300, P0410, P0463, P0748, P01106, P0520, P2507. Where do I start?
  6. P0897- I can not find this code anywhere. It is current on my 2004 Deville. Anyone know?
  7. Fan motor not working.

    Update: I bought a new fan motor and installed it and all is well. Easiest fan motor I ever changed.
  8. Fan motor not working.

    No it can't be soldered. I will just bite the bullet and order the motor.
  9. Fan motor not working.

    I finally decided to go under the dash and remove the fan motor. It was the easiest fan motor I have ever pulled that wasn't under the hood. I tore down the motor and found the problem right away. The wires to the brushes were broke, so I begin to look for parts. Advance, Autozone, and even Rockauto did not have parts! All I needed was the piece that had the plug and brushes. No one had it, they wanted you to buy the whole motor at the tune of $140. Rockauto did have a Four Seasons motor for $40. Anyone know where I can get just the motor parts?
  10. Fan motor not working.

    According to Rockauto there is a blower module for a 2004 Deville. I will try tapping the motor and see what happens. Thank Rockfangd.
  11. The blower fan motor quit working on my wife's 2004 Deville. How can I tell if it's the motor or the blower control module? The only code I have that I can not find on here is P0897, nothing else pertains to the blower. Thanks.
  12. I think it is from the HVAC drain. I remember cleaning out my 94 Deville HVAC drain and I know what you mean by watch out. I just touched the drain in my 94 and it let go with me underneath it and nowhere to go. I will post back when I get under the 2004.
  13. No sunroof. I 3 have a Maple trees in the front yard. I have no coating on the windows. Where is the HVAC drain located?
  14. On my wifes 2004 Deville, I was cleaning out the floor and I noticed the carpet was all wet. I smelled it and it is not antifreeze. Is there a drain under the window on the firewall or a drain for the AC that will let water in when plugged? Anyone have a diagram.
  15. Rear alignment on a 2004 DTS

    I am still looking into the problem, but I found out that there is an adjustment on the level position. I have yet to establish if the ELC is working or not. I have just not had time to look at it lately. I will report back when I find out something.