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  1. PAUL T

    2004 Deville hesitating at Idle

    My wife, who drives the car, informed me that it was missing before I changed the plenum. I changed the spark plugs, the rear coils and rear wiring harness a couple months ago. I was more careful with the front plugs and did not change the front wiring harness or the coils. I also changed the throttle position sensor then too. Could one of the front coils or front wiring harness be the problem? Can you unplug the coils without getting zapped while the car is running?
  2. I work on the Deville today changing the plenum to get rid of the P0171 & P0174. Now I have a new problem hesitation at idle. I removed the fuel rail to change the plenum and I think that’s where the problem is. Is there anyway to tell which cylinder is causing the problem? The only code is P0300 history. I noticed a wet spot on the bottom of one injector.
  3. PAUL T

    2004 Deville won't start.

    I reread the codes and noticed a P0120 code which is a TPS code. So I ordered the TPS Sensor and installed it and that took care of the hard starting. The car started and ran like a champ and the SES light disappeared. No codes for now. Thanks to Logan and rockfangd that posted, I couldn’t have found the problem without you all.
  4. PAUL T

    2004 Deville won't start.

    Is there a code for a bad starter? While cranking the starter it will hit but not start, then it rakes like cranking the starter with the engine running. I replaced spark plugs on the front and back and coils on the back. The starter has been acting up for a couple of months.
  5. PAUL T

    2004 Deville won't start.

    Changed the spark plugs and broke a few coil plugs on rear harness. Bought a new wiring harness from dealer and paid $128 for what I was told was 2 harnesses, only got one and the plugs wouldn't fit the existing coils and they wouldn't take it back. So I bought the Delphi rear coil module which consists of 4 new coils and new harness for $114 from Rockauto. Gonna try to put it on in 20 degree weather tonight. I still need to drain the gas tank and refill with known good gas but the weather here is not helping. Can't get it started now to check for vacuum leak. Could it be crank sensors?
  6. PAUL T

    2004 Deville won't start.

    It is not even firing now. My wife says she hears the pump kick on. I will have to see if I can find my fuel pressure guage. I also need to check and possibly clean the Throttle body out. Same codes.
  7. PAUL T

    2004 Deville won't start.

    I went back and checked the forum and realized that I had changed the boot on my 1n-laws 2003 not my 2004. So that is where I will start. Thanks Logan.
  8. PAUL T

    2004 Deville won't start.

    I have already changed that a few years back. Could it be bad again? I also changed the elbow on the right side of the intake earlier. I might have to check the intake bolts in case of vacuum leak.
  9. Thank you Logan! I do need to change the tranny filter & fluid.
  10. My 2004 Deville has been running rough lately, then last week we got gas at a local Sams Club. I should have went somewhere else when I saw the bags on some of the pumps. I ended up filling it up, then we stopped a few miles down the road for snacks and when we got back on the road and was sitting at a light it just died. My wife tried to start it a few times to no avail. Then after a few minutes she tried it again and it started but it was running rough. She kept the rpm's up until it smoothed out and we headed home. I suspected bad gas then. It ran ok for about a week and I filled it up again at another station, it ran good a few more days then died on me at home. I managed to keep it running enough to back it into the driveway. I went out this morning and it would not start. I put some dry gas in it and tried to start it again but no luck. It would fire occasionally but no start. The current codes are: P0171, P0174, P0897. The history codes are P0300, P0410, P0463, P0748, P01106, P0520, P2507. Where do I start?
  11. P0897- I can not find this code anywhere. It is current on my 2004 Deville. Anyone know?
  12. PAUL T

    Fan motor not working.

    Update: I bought a new fan motor and installed it and all is well. Easiest fan motor I ever changed.
  13. PAUL T

    Fan motor not working.

    No it can't be soldered. I will just bite the bullet and order the motor.
  14. PAUL T

    Fan motor not working.

    I finally decided to go under the dash and remove the fan motor. It was the easiest fan motor I have ever pulled that wasn't under the hood. I tore down the motor and found the problem right away. The wires to the brushes were broke, so I begin to look for parts. Advance, Autozone, and even Rockauto did not have parts! All I needed was the piece that had the plug and brushes. No one had it, they wanted you to buy the whole motor at the tune of $140. Rockauto did have a Four Seasons motor for $40. Anyone know where I can get just the motor parts?