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  1. My drain on the passenger side came loose again and this time I took it to the dealer now that GM is recognizing the problem. It's covered under warranty in some regions but of course not in my region. I paid the dealer to replace the old drain tube with a longer one and it the recall is ever extended to my region, I will be reimbursed.
  2. 2012 v 2013 SRX Luxury

    The best advise always seems to be to buy the newest , best equipped car that you can afford.
  3. Spy Shots: Cadillac XT5

    From the shots I've seen the profile looks pretty close to the current model.
  4. Great but Forgotten Indy 500 Pace Cars

    When I was 10 or 12 or so a guy used to race a 37 LaSalle Coupe at the local dirt track. The car never did any good as it was too big and heavy but it was a spectacle in itself racing around the track.
  5. 1956 Cadillac drawing

    My father had a friend that had one of these in 1956. Beautiful car but my father was an Oldsmobile man and we had a 1956 Holiday 88.
  6. 2010 SRX replacing Radio/Nav

    I had mine replaced under warranty by GM.
  7. key Fob

    Help me know where these little numbers might be found?
  8. key Fob

    I have looked all over both of my remotes and absolutely can't find any numbers on them anywhere. Besides what would be the difference between the two other than your memory settings?
  9. It rained about 2" here yesterday and my car didn't leak a drop! Yep, I can chock it up as a little victory!
  10. Pink Mary Kay SRX

    I saw a man by himself driving one down I-44 in OKC last week. He just looked straight forward and was keeping his eyes on the road as if he didn't want to make eye contact with anyone.
  11. I took it to a body shop today and they removed part of the dash and got it reconnected. Charged me $120.00 but it was worth it to get it done. He said that they had to thread the drain hose back down because SOMEBODY had pull it out. I didn't tell him that it was me!
  12. Yep mine is on the passenger side. I've had the A pillar cover off and looked at it. That diagram is a CTS or something but not a SRX.
  13. My local Cadillac dealer acts like they have never heard of the leak onto the passenger foot well from the sunroof, and don't care anything about finding out. I can't figure out where the tube reattaches so I called a local body shop that I've had do some work on both my daily drivers and a Corvette that I have for fun and they can do it. It goes in Tuesday and they say it's easier if they pull some of the dash apart.
  14. Oh and thanks for the drawing, that's what I was looking for!
  15. There's probably one on the passenger side as well, at least I know that there's a drain up there.