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  1. Hi, I was wondering what kind of synthetic oil I must use for my Cadillac, perhaps this is why I have car troubles. And what oil viscocity (5W-"something" or 50w-"something") should it be and what other oils am I capable to use?
  2. I own a 2007 STS and I am having problems with the Catalytic converters (I think). They begin to heat up quickly. I have replaced them before and I admit, the first time they were cheap parts. At the time I didn't have enough money and I knew a guy who would help me. (I only paid around $450) Then they began to make rattling noises soon after. Then I took it to a muffler shop a couple months after (rarely using the Caddy). And had them fix one (b/c it cost as much as the previous fix). Plus I asked the mechanic if it would still be ok with only one fixed, he said yes. 30mins later it began making rattling noises again, and somehow if I turn to the right, it sounds like something is dragging on the pavement. I really want to get this problem solved but I am no mechanic. So if you know a thing or two, please notify me.