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  1. Cadillac Jim, Well he did send the RPO Codes along with the VIN. SaferCar.gov says no open recalls. RPO says it is a 1SB. Not bad. Has memory package, Sunroof, (No sun roof is a deal breaker for me). Speaker system 8, (bummer, no Bose). Soft Ride Suspension, polished wheels. All in all the '06 should make a good work car...AND it's rear wheel DRIVE BABY! I spent all of Saturday taking the '99 STS apart to replace the crossover gaskets. I have a broken thumb, so I got down to the crossover, and stalled. Without more strength in my right hand, there is no way I have the patience to get that thing out! The wiring harness is impossibly tight across the crossover. I was only doing it to buy more time while I wait for the '06 STS...Figured I could continue to drive the car with a blown head gasket, if it did not blow out all the coolant In three miles...LOL Starting tomorrow, I am borrowing my son's 2002 STS until I get something to drive. Thanks for the lesson.. Ohio Jim
  2. Cadillac Jim, Man you seem to have your act together! I cannot even recall these facts after I read them. I print them out and study before I go to see the car. Waiting on response from this owner... New STS on the horizon. '06 38,k. I know a guy...car is tied up in probate... possibly another two weeks. I think I may have a lock on first dibs. All I know is V-6. Trying to get the VIN and RPO codes. Do you know where the RPO codes are found on an '06 STS? The guy quit texting me once I asked for the VIN and Codes. Who knows, maybe he will send them when he is good and ready. I really don't want to wait two more weeks, but I will if I have to! Thanks again, Jim Ohio Jim,
  3. Cadillac Jim, Okay, so I finally get in touch with both sellers today. Blah, Blah, Blah...both are rebuilt titles, even though they neglected to call them out as such on Craig's List! I Googled the VIN with the word 'salvage' on the 05 STS. It must have bee hit by a cement mixer! Trashed.... Guy says it's all better now. The salvage price was $895! He wants $7,990, non-negotiable. Says he has an STS-V on its way next. Second guy says he'll send the vin, four hours ago... Probably not going to happen...V8 with everything except Nav. I just want to see the picture from the salvage listing...He just put an intake gasket on it and it merely needs a wheel bearing... with 45,k on the ODO? So the search continues... Now About that overflow tank...Are we still concerned about head gaskets? I thought that was done pretty much in 2000. I thought they added another tread to the head bolts and all was well. My son just warned me off from an '02, so I didn't go see it. Are you smelling the overflow tank it as it warms up? Trying to smell for exhaust gases? Man I can't take another blown head gasket car! I was under the impression when the N* came around in 2005, that was all done! What about issues with V6's? I'm not real happy about timing chains, but that appears to be something I could tackle. Thanks for continuing to help me with your kind words of wisdom... Man, I am starting to lose faith in these Caddies...I want nothing more than a RWD V8 1SG Caddy before I kick off the planet...Not looking to promising.. Sincerely, Ohio Jim
  4. All, I don't want you all to think I went over to the dark side completely, by possibly purchasing an Import... I am trying to set up two STS' for Friday test drives. They are 75 miles from home, but close to each other. '07 with everything...I hope that includes a V-8! The other is an '05 V-8. Leaving messages but no response yet! I'll let you know, Ohio Jim Oh well, the search for Truth, Justice, and a LOW MILEAGE STS CONTINUES!Ohio Jim
  5. All, Thanks for the lively discussion.... KHE, why didn't you tell me! I never knew! Just kidding. Well I will keep the information you have provided handy, because the car was sold today... before I could get over there! Seems as though the seller was keeping me in his back pocket, because when I offered to drive over from work on Wednesday, or come Thursday afternoon instead of going straight to work, I got no response! Now it was sold to "someone we knew locally"! How convenient! Oh well, the search for Truth, Justice, and a LOW MILEAGE STS CONTINUES! Ohio Jim
  6. Cadillac Jim, Thanks for all the information. I was able to get the VIN, and safercar.gov says all recalls complete, so I feel better about that. Some of these were also recalled for rear suspension issues. I am waiting on the RPO codes. They are not on the lid to the spare cover, so he will look under the spare. Do you know if I must run premium gas with this engine? My '99 called for it and since the gas companies are going nuts with the premium gas prices, I'd rather not. Thanks again, Ohio Jim
  7. Good evening to all! I am the current owner of a '99 STS with a blown head gasket. So sad at 172,k.. I resorted to driving it back and forth to work throughout the winter. It did fine. No hills. Weather warmed up and the cost of coolant was prohibitive. Looking at a few Caddy's in my area. Want to know your thoughts on 2005 STS V8 RWD. I've been dying for another RWD since my '94 Lincoln Town Car! What a pleasure to drive. This one has 70,k. I have access to a code scanner, and will be test driving it Saturday. I know 2005 is the First Generation AND First year. Not thrilled about that, but I see the only recall was for the leaking pinion seal on the rear end. Once that is repaired, are they prone to leak again? Is this something I can keep and eye on and do the fix myself, if it comes up again? I remember when these first came out, and I knew I had to have one. It's just not in the cards right now to by a newer model, so I want to take a calculated risk on this 2005. I know the V-8's were the upper end cars...I think 1SD and higher? It is pearl white, sun roof, parking sensors, XM radio, Navigation. Hope to see it is a 1SG or 1SG. Please leave me your thoughts. Thanks in advance for you time, Ohio Jim
  8. Jwoods, Thanks! I forgot about that option as well. Ohio Jim
  9. Body by Fisher, I just received your latest post. I will go over the tank once again. There is wetness around that cap, but I could not see where it's coming from. I figure it is being released because the pressure is STILL over the rating of the cap. I know the top surface finish of the tank lip feels fine, so I did not want to go after it with emery cloth and deteriorate that finish, or remove any coating which may be on the plastic. Friday I may have to run into Cleveland at high speed again, so I will see if that coolant in the return line acts like it is boiling. Last week when the car overheated, the surge tank return line was boiling coolant inside. I could feel it when I squeezed the line. Have a nice day tomorrow! Ohio Jim
  10. Body by Fisher, Thanks for the summary. I think I get it now. I will first move on being sure the concentration is accurate at 50%. That may solve the coolant I see vaporizing/leaking around the cap. I need to then attack the leak again. I have never replaced the water pump, consequently the seal behind it and the crossover seals may be toast as well. Nothing lasts forever. Thanks again, and good luck with your '98. Ohio Jim
  11. Body by Fisher, I have had the tank our twice in three weeks. I have tested it cold and hot at 15-17.5 pounds. I continue smell the coolant when I exit the car. When I open the hood, the previous cloud of coolant is gone, but the top of the rim around the cap is wet, sometime just moist. I wash off the area every day and the moisture or wetness returns. Right now I can live with it because I cannot detect any loss of coolant. Currently I am trying to get an accurate reading on a Brix 20 gage by converting my sample to be read by the gage 'cause I am too cheap to buy a Brix 50 gage. I am waiting for Rock Auto to deliver the new 18# cap. The number is RC-38, I believe. I could not find the cap under the 1999 model year. I ended up using the AC Delco # 25713160 on the Rock Auto web sight. It is listed at 18#. that is SAE 16-20 pounds, per the description. I continue to not understand what brought this on. I am figuring it is age related, but what can I actually do to reverse the aging of the cooling system without replacing all the heater hoses? Thanks, Ohio Jim
  12. Gentlemen, Drove 100 miles today at 65 to 85 mph. No issue while the 18# pressure cap was installed. I continue to notice some vapor along the outside of the cap, as though it continues to bleed off pressure while I am driving. My question remains, what could have changed or why is the pressure continuing to be so high? Would it be due to a slight obstruction? Could it be from one of the 17 year old heater hoses collapsing? Could it be due to the 50/50 mix being off? Thanks in advance! Ohio Jim
  13. Update, Well the 18# surge tank cap has worked 20 miles back and forth to work for a few days. I'm not convinced I'm out of the woods yet. The temp is dead on the middle of the gauge all the way, to and fro. The surge tank cap looks as though it is leaking steam in small puffs. I will be attempting to drive the car 125 miles Wednesday, so we will see if it comes home on a hook, again. the windows were mighty wet on the inside when I went out to the car this evening... I'll have to check that carpet on the passenger side front, for a heater core leak.. Oh My! Wish me luck...lol Ohio Jim
  14. Gentlemen, Thank you for the lively discussion. There is just too much knowledge and talent among you to quantify! Kevin, Yes I was overfilling in and effort to get a little further down the road. I ran the car with the pressure tester on the system at idle and then 2,200 rpm for quite a while on Saturday with the car in the driveway. I was unable to close the hood with the tester in place. My son called to see how it was going and I explained the situation. He schooled me on the need for the level to be correct to allow for expansion. Long story short, he pulled off the road, and read his cap was rated at 18 psi, on his '01 STS. I had just replaced my cap again with one from Napa, rated at 15 psi. (Dumb @#%!) It became a Eureka moment for me. I borrowed the 18 psi cap today and drove it to work without an issue. Once it cooled, I verified the level was 2-1/2" below the neck, just where I had set it in keeping with Kevin's recommendation in the earlier post. I'm not saying it is cured, but I am narrowing down the variables. Rock Auto lists different cap pressures between the years 1999 and 2001. The underside of the Delco cap on my son's car reads "1999, 2000, 2001". Anyway I plan to see how it goes because I still do not understand why the car has a much more proclivity to overheat now, than it has in years past. How much could age play into it? I don't know. I will verify the mix of coolant next, because it could be off by quite a bit as well. I'll keep you updated as I go along.. Thanks again for all your discussion. Sincerely, Ohio Jim
  15. Jwoods, This is the original water pump as far as I know. I bought the car with 38,k on it and all the hoses were original. I took it into town and it newer went over the middle of the gage but it still over flowed the purge tank. From what I saw today with the gage on it, it is building pressure which is causing it to overflow. Is there any other way to build 17+ Pounds of pressure without having a blown head gasket? Ohio Jim