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  1. My DeVille Got Hit

    I had a 96 Eldo that I bought used back in 97. Loved that car. Had no problems with it. I bought and sold a lot of Caddies and I had a few Eldos with cracked door panels. The 02 I was gonna buy is off the market now. They decided to keep it so I'll be keeping the Deville, just not sure if I'm gonna fix it. My Deville doesn't have glass headlights. They're plastic. They look brand new though. Yeah the 96 is a sweet looking Deville. I'm still washing it and taking care of it even with the caved in door.
  2. My DeVille Got Hit

    I'm still thinking about it. It's got a lot of electrical bugs going on. The paint is chipping off on the edges of the hood and the usual rust started to pop up under the rear license plate. The chips haven't spread up on the top of the hood though. I noticed the grill is cracked and a bit loose and it chipped the paint in the front now, too. I was gonna buy one of those E&G grills for it. That would cover up the chip and pretty much stop it from spreading up to the top of the hood, but I'm not a big fan of those grills. It needs a set of shocks and struts real bad also. The 02 Eldorado I was gonna buy is off the market. They decided to keep it. I don't know what the insurance company was thinking. They pretty much said the car was only worth under $2K and the repair estimate was over that. But, the lawyer got them to value the car higher to where it was under 80%
  3. My DeVille Got Hit

    OK, so my lawyer finally came through for me. Took a talking to by my doctor to get him to get his butt in gear though. Doctor pretty much told him that if he doesn't step up and take care of this he wouldn't be sending him anymore business. Sooooo, he ended up getting me a lot more than they offered. Car will not be totaled so it still has a clean title and have more than enough to fix it. I just don't know if I'm gonna bother fixing it now. Was looking at an 02 Eldorado and may buy that instead. Gonna think about this a bit.
  4. My DeVille Got Hit

    Thanks, yeah, now my lawyer just told me it's a good offer. So I guess I'm done with them. They're going by KBB on the car. KBB is a joke. NADA is more on line with car values in my opinion. So now I gotta go find another lawyer and go through more BS.. Here's what their insurance company said: The settlement offer for us to keep the vehicle (we pick up) is: $1,966.66. If your client would like to keep his vehicle, the settlement offer is: $1,738.00. Please remember if he keeps the vehicle, I will still need the Power of Attorney and the title sent back to me. The FL Statues on keeping a salvage vehicle do apply. Let me know if there are any other questions. My lawyer isn't a property damage lawyer so I guess now that they got the case closed and they get their money I'm sh!t out of luck on my car as far as they're concerned. I'm always getting bent over the barrel..
  5. My DeVille Got Hit

    Thanks for your replies. Talked to my lawyer today. He said they're still working on it for me. I guess I jumped the gun when I got their stuff and took it as a take it or leave it kinda deal. Between this accident, going through the hurricane and having no power for 7 days and the damage to my house on top of life that was already kicking my butt before said stuff I'm just at the end of my rope. I keep getting people telling me that "God won't give you more than you can handle" But I'm getting very close. I'm standing at the edge of the cliff ready to go over.. LOL.. So the lawyer is gonna keep working on them for a little more money to fix it and to keep the title clean. Don't want a salvage title on it. It's bad enough it's gonna be reported on Carfax and or Autocheck now. This would be a perfect opportunity to just take the money and look for a 2011 DTS but I just can't afford it right now. I would love a DTS in the same color combo as the 96 but with the buckets and console. I really love the looks of this 96 and I've had it for almost 13 years now so I'm kinda attached to it. Whenever the time comes it's gonna be hard to let it go.
  6. My DeVille Got Hit

    I have a personal injury lawyer handling my injured neck, they did contact the insurance company for me but they said they don't really do the car damage part but are willing to do a little for me. I'm just really spent. Life is kicking my b u double t and I just can't deal with it anymore. I'm about to lose my mind. Should I maybe go see another lawyer for just the car/property damage? The lawyer I have now doesn't want me to talk to the insurance company right now.
  7. My DeVille Got Hit

    Well now their insurance company is saying the car is a total loss and that they'll give me $1,966.66 and they take the car. That or I get $1,738.00 and I keep the car, but it gets a salvage title. And you wonder why people go postal. If they were local I'd beat their butts with a baseball bat. So sick of dealing with these nut sacks..
  8. My DeVille Got Hit

    Wow! Sorry to hear. Florida is a no fault state too. But, I got lucky because she was arrested for DUI, and possession of a controlled substance. She also got a ticket for careless driving. She has insurance and she's 100% at fault so her insurance will be covering it since I don't have full coverage on mine. I'm still pissed at this %$#%&.. They had it at $2,900.00 in damage at first. Guy said it would be totaled at that amount. Then they came back at $2,000.00.. Not totaled and the shop can do it for that. Not sure if I'm gonna bother fixing it. Got a door cheap, but may not use it.
  9. My DeVille Got Hit

    Yeah, I know how that all works for sure. The shop guarantees the color match and gives a lifetime guarantee. I've seen a lot of jobs done on cars where you can see the blend. Some were terrible. I used to buy and sell cars and saw a ton of them in the auctions. The good thing with this door is it's the same color and has the factory paint on the inside. The outside was re sprayed in the same color, but they didn't do a great job. I bought a van at the auction one time and the sliding door was caved in. I sat on it for like 6 or 8 months and found a perfect match. It was red and after buffing the new/old door and the van you couldn't tell it was a different door. Yep! I got lucky for sure.
  10. My DeVille Got Hit

    Yeah her insurance is giving me the run around now, but I have a lawyer for my injury and they're gonna work them for the car repair for me. I found a door that's the same color, but it was re painted on the outside. The inside of the door in the jamb area is the factory Diamond White and matches pretty much on the money. It's been almost a month now and I'm still FN pissed.
  11. My DeVille Got Hit

    Does anyone know how the body side moldings are put on? Just double sided tape, or are there screws and/or rivets?
  12. My DeVille Got Hit

    Yeah I'm still steaming. The door works fine. Was hoping to find one in the bone yard the same color. There's a 94 in Sarasota, Fla the guy's selling the whole car for $400 it's the Pearl/Diamond white color, but I don't think it's as light as the 96. That one looks darker. She has insurance and I'm taking the car to get checked out tomorrow. They're probably gonna try and total the car. I can get a door for $70 at the bone yard. I'm not in a big hurry so maybe I'll get lucky and a 96 Diamond White DeVille will show up. If I can find one the same color I can at least get away without painting the inside.
  13. My DeVille Got Hit

    Hey folks, long time no write. Well my old 96 DeVille got hit by a drunk/high driver Friday. It made it through Hurricane Irma without a scratch. Had it all covered up in the driveway for the storm. We were without power for 7 days and we spent a lot of time after the storm sitting in it to get some A/C. Friday I went to top off the tank and this dumb a#$ drunk and high B#%$h hit me while I was passing her in the left lane. She was in the center lane and as we were almost right next to each other I saw her start to turn into the right lane. Then, looking forward, I caught her in the corner of my eye all of a sudden jerking the wheel to the left and right for me. I hit the horn and got the drivers side tires up in the grass trying to avoid her but she got me. She was arrested for DUI and possession of a controlled substance. She had a valid insurance card, but don't know if she still has insurance yet. Just put in a claim today. I'm sooooooooooo pissed off. The car had the original paint and still looked great. Gonna need a rear door and some minor quarter work. Problem is the car is Diamond White and there's no way they're gonna match up with that 21YO paint. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  14. My old 96 Deville is going crazy!

    KHE, Thanks for taking the time with the codes. The battery hasn't been touched since July 1st. Had a new Alt put in then. Thanks everyone for all the input. I'm gonna try and clean up the connections. Anyone have info on all ground locations?
  15. So a couple of days ago I was driving and the A/C temp went from 60 to 90 all by it's self. I noticed that the steering wheel controls stopped working and I had to lower the temp on the dash. As soon as I got it back to 60 the sucker went back up to 90. I had to go through that a few times before it finally stayed at 60. The radio also acted up a bit too. Today I went out and this time the temps did it again a couple of times. Then the fan kept going from high to low on me. I had to drive most of the way with my finger on the high setting to keep it running on high. The car also drive in traction control on all the time now so it takes of in 2nd gear. I get the check engine and traction control lights on. The battery and alternator are a few months old and seem fine. Car has a ton of codes that I still don't understand. I'm thinking it's time to let it go. I love this car, had it for almost 12 years now but just can't deal with all the problems anymore. Plus, don't want to sink a ton of money in a 20YO car. I'm gonna try cleaning and tightening the battery cables. How many ground wires are there and where are the locations? Here are all the codes it brought up this time. PC0603H PC1634C PC1644H IP1552H IP2510C IP2515H TC0067H TC0073C RS0061H PZ1552H IR2255H I'm also getting the check electrical system message. Me and electrical stuff just don't get along..