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  1. I was under the impression from reading posts here, and the info given on Monroe's products, that without electronic struts up front the rear would disable itself. I will unplug them tonight and load the trunk with dead bodies....or something to see if it still operates.
  2. 94 eldo base; I'm installing Monroe struts up front, thus disabling the rear air ride( or so I'm told.) I bought the ak29 air line kit for manual inflation. I would rather install a dash mounted toggle and possible guage to run the stock pump. Is that possible? And who has wiring schematics for the pump?
  3. 94 eldorado struts

    Is rockauto reputable? They are less than half of advance auto! And, has anyone used monroe sensatracs pn 71854 on a 94 eldo or Seville? Are they a direct fit aside from the electronics?
  4. My 1994 Eldorado base has been given a death sentence by way of head stud failure. With that said I'm looking to get thru one more n.y. winter. The front struts are bad and I need to know if there is a physicaly matching strut from another year caddy, or other gm car that will bolt in. The service ride control warning is not a concern as I'll only be in the vehicle for a short time. I know that arnot struts are available but 300$ for the pair is more than I need to spend. Will say...92-93 non electronic struts bolt in??
  5. electric radiator fans

    Jim, can the fan switch or wiring be modified to come on at a lower temp on my 94 eldo? I want xtra air flow way before 229!!