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  1. have you guys heard anything good/bad about reman engines from say autozone? thinking about dropping in new motor and switching complete interior from my 98 into the 00 the 98 had more of an sts interior. the 00 doesnt have the bose system, heated seats, telescoping columb and memory seats but it does have the moon roof.
  2. is there a certain number on the engines that have these head gasket probs? or from a certain plant they were made? i know its a crapshoot with any newer vehicle as far as head gasket probs but i would like to buy anouther one if i knew it would be not likley to have this prob. what is the pecentage rate on the number of nstars with this prob? is it a mileage thing? im addicted to them now and dont see myself not owning one for as long as im driving lol
  3. checked everything even bypassed the heatercore, plugged the purge line and resevoire return, ran till temp guage was at about two oclock and could hear slight air leak from rear head gasket area by the firewall. used a different block sealer pulled the plug in that cylinder ran as per instuctions, put back together to no avail! the head gasket is superheating the coolant somehow without causing any exaust fumes to enter the coolant. this is why i think the heatercore only works half the time and after it is up to temp the purge line throws nothing but steam instead of water. giving up! how much do you think someone would give me for the pair? or should i strip what i need off the 00 and put on 98 still about a 2500 fix. either way and dont really have the $ to do it.
  4. new here but have read alot of helpfull info from you guys, thank you! my girlfriend wrecked my 98 seville this winter,pics soon as i figure out how, so i found a 2000 in mich. with possible head gasket failure. should have come here before i bought it lol. debating on taking motor out of 98 and swaping with the 00. how much of a job is it and can i possibly pull them or do i have to drop them from a lift?