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  1. Thanks for the tip...I will post pics IF sucessfull results with your suggestion!!
  2. UPDATE: I decided to have the Rear Spoiler installed by my mechanic! It cost me $225 to install the JKS Rear Spoiler w/LED Brakelight painted Black to match with shipping cost me $258.99 for a total price of $483.99!!...AND IT LOOKS AWESOME!! I am posting pics of my ETC with the spoiler installed...I think it looks like a "Factory Installed Option"!...I HIGHLY recommend this addition to ANYONE who owns a 1994-2002 Eldorado! SORRY?...I tried to upload pics BUT could not"File too BIG"??
  3. THANKS for the RAPID REPLY! IT is an LED LIGHT on the spoiler, so I have to drill(GULP!!!) 6 Holes in the trunk lid to mount the spoiler(Wish me luck whith THAT??), where do I find the Light Blue wire?
  4. I am planning on installing a JKS Rear Spoiler w/brakelight(PAINTED BLACK) on my 2001 Eldorado ETC. I have already "test-fitted" the spoiler on my car(IT LOOKS AWESOME!), my only problem is, I want to know how to connect the spoiler's brakelight? ANY help with this question will be GREATLY appreciated!!