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  1. Marika

    Rear sagging...

    Micro-mini! LOL!!!
  2. Marika

    Rear sagging...

    Tripping over it!!
  3. Marika

    Rear sagging...

    A picture would probably be frightening and definitely illegal. ?
  4. Marika

    Rear sagging...

    My rear is sagging too ?
  5. Marika

    Bruce birthday

    Happy birthday Bruce!!!
  6. ROFLMAO!!!! Very good!!
  7. I can't seem to post frames for some reason so here's the link to another fun challenge.
  8. I'll have to keep searching the TSB's. I also found one complaint at about someone whose front speakers stopped working and the dealership told him he needed a new radio. Mine stop working when it rains but once they dry, they start working again. Go figure....
  9. I found two TSB's for 2008 Impala regarding the interior of the car getting wet in various areas. Apparently it's a structural problem with the roof causing water to leak into the car. My carpets are dry. The interior is not getting wet so I doubt I can go to a dealership and cry foul using this TSB.
  10. I absolutely love my 2008 Impala LS. The car has been without a doubt, flawless. I've maintained it, changed the oil, etc. A few bulbs replaced, wipers....etc. Easy HOWEVER..... This Impala, and I have discovered, other Impalas as well, have an apparent inherent problem: When it rains, the front, in-the-door speakers die. Once they dry out, several days later, they begin to work again, at least one of them works again. The passenger side is pretty much dead. I have read on Impala forums this is a common problem, apparently some believe that rain enters the door through the mirror mount??? Others have no idea where the water is getting in. No one seems to know the solution. Hence, I am here a midst the genius group. Since OnStar relies upon the front speakers to work, rain basically renders OnStar pretty much useless. This includes the built-in telephone, if you use it. These two functions are routed through the car's front speakers and when they go out, OnStar become useless. You can still hear very slightly, OnStar, but it's coming through a very tiny speaker, but I have no idea where. Even the turn signal "click" ends up sounding lighter and smaller, if that makes sense. You can barely hear it. Does anyone know if there's a way to re-route OnStar and the telephone system through the rear speakers? Or better yet, does anyone have an idea as to how to fix the leak before it rots my doors?