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  1. Missing my hit and now she's totaled. Sold her to someone who said he was going to fix her up, glad of that. Thanks to everyone in this forum for your help while i had her. Got a little Cobalt now, there'll never be another Caddy like I had. :'(

  2. Thanks CJ! Yes she is holding up well for an old gal. Still LOVE driving her, she's so so comfortable. Overall she's been a very strong running, reliable car too!
  3. Update: it was the starter. Put a new one in and she's good now!
  4. OK thanks Cadillac Jim, we are definitely going to try ruling out the battery or starter before taking out the radio and remote starter.....try to pick the low hanging fruit. I do appreciate all the advice guys. Will let you know when we figure out what the culprit is.
  5. Well that sucks. What am I to put in place of the radio, another old cassette factory thing? Not even sure hubby could retofit one if we could even find one. And the thought of going outside to start the car on 3˚ winter mornings doesn't exactly thrill me....what a bummer. We will check the battery just to be what you are saying is pretty serious, so hopefully we would luck out and that would fix it...fingers and toes are crossed!! Thanks so much for your help Logan, I would never have thought it was the radio and remote starter.
  6. Yes to both remote starter & aftermarket radio, but strange after 1 1/2 years that they now be possibly causing trouble? Not sure about the antenna, whether original or not. Btw I totally forgot - the car came to us with factory radio, so I correct myself on the radio wiring. Hubby had such a hard time putting that radio in (the wiring is in the trunk not in the dash like he is used to) that the need to open the door to make the ant. go down is I believe a result of his inexperience with Caddies. This car has really tested his skills each time he's worked on something.....even tho she's old, she's still a cut above. However, the alarm/horn issue has always been there. The horn was disabled when we got her, now we understand why.
  7. Yes that is why I said you will have to turn up your reality the engine is much louder and the chimes not so much. I'm not sure about the alarm. We actually had to disconnect the horn because the wiring's so screwed up in that car that the horn would go off and the "security" light flashes on the dash (as well as the lights on the car) whenever I would park the car and then open the door to get out. The only way to stop the horn (which would eventually just blare continually...SO loud) was to disconnect the thing - so we just left it disconnected because we just cannot figure out how to get it to NOT go off. I hate it....I feel like some day I will really need that horn and end up getting hit or something cause I can't warn someone that I'm there. And the radio is screwy too....if I go to a car wash, I have to turn off the engine and then open and close my door to get the antenna to go down. They know me well there now....the lady that has to open her door so don't spray yet! lol Yup it was messed with big time before we ever got it.
  8. Thanks Texas Jim! OK I finally got her doing her weird thing. Here's the video. You will have to turn up your volume to hear the engine, but all the dash lights flicker too. Hubby thinks we should check the battery. Premium gas has not made any difference (except in my wallet lol).
  9. Well, I might be wandering off-topic a little bit here, but since you asked..... All pics: Video of the starting issue still to come..........once I capture it!
  10. Replying without a pic/vid...sorry! Just wanted to say I'm still trying to catch the problem on my ipod or iphone (the sound that is). It's so random, it's not easy to do. I'll post it as soon as I am successful! Took it to the shop this morning for AC charging, and now I'm hearing a new noise in the engine....ugh. May post later on that....I'm having the shop look into it meanwhile. Hope it's not serious!! "....I like your Sig picture" Thanks!
  11. Hmm that must be an iPod thing, the fancy font. Now I'm looking at my post above on my main desktop computer and it looks like Comic Sans which would be correct. Just one of those things I guess...computers can be more persnickety than cars sometimes!
  12. Hi KHE - no it engages as soon as I turn the key, but the engine will not turn over right away, like instead of (turn the key)VROOM, it's (turn the key)rrr...rr..VROOM. It reminds me of the sound it makes when the battery is low...who knows maybe that's it, but we just got that battery, it's brand new. I'll see if I can catch the sound with my iphone and post the video. It doesn't seem to do it until I've been driving around for a bit though.
  13. Whoa what is going on with the font in my last post LOL! I picked Comic Sans not that frilly looking font. I almost hear a fancy accent when I read it, like I ready to go out on my yacht later, then take in the opera... Haha. I wish I had a winter driver, with Awd or 4WD (miss our old Expedition). But this Caddy is my daily driver, as much as I want to pamper and protect her, she won't look this good for long, not in this part of the country. I sure am enjoying her while I have her, my first ever luxury car. Next one will have to be a smaller "economy" car unfortunately, as I want to retire (no, I'm GOING to retire), so we will need to be as frugal as possible. Thx for replies guys! Cadillac Jim, my cousin has a dark gray (that sparkles, kinda like candy-apple gray?) CTS-V just like yours, wow that is a sweet ride!
  14. (4.9 liter) Normally she fires right up but lately, usually after doing some running around town (so stopping and starting several times) the problem appears. At first she's fine. After the third or fourth starting in a short time the hesitation starts. At first I thought the battery was dead, but she always starts, eventually. So now I'm wondering if its a fuel thing? Moneys been tight so I have been putting mid-grade in the tank the last few weeks (there's been no knocking so didn't think it was hurting). I plan on premium only next few fillings to see if it helps...any other possible causes?
  15. Just thought I'd update on this: She drove in the snow last winter like she always a dream! We bought all new tires for her in the fall (the old ones had tread but were really old and cracking and very hard). Those tires plus probably the weight of the car with FWD was a great combo. Soooo much better than my last car, a Honda Accord. That car would always go straight when I tried to turn in the snow. My Caddy never even slipped. Looking forward to next winter (wow did I just say that?)...