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  1. The DIC of my BLS 1.9 (180) diesel 5dr wagon is displaying a message "Limited Performance" and a spanner symbol. I haven't noticed any problem with the car's performance. Oil and filter, pollen filter and air filter were all changed 1500 miles back. What does the message likely refer to that needs attention. Would it help to buy one of those engine diagnostic scanners but which ones are suitable. Is it OBD2 and if so what protocol? Once a Limited Performance message appears do you have to reset the DIC (so to speak) to stop it appearing each time you start the engine? Any advice appreciated. Never had a warning message on the DIC before apart from one advising the particulate filter is full and then you just take it for a fast run on the open road and it regenerates the filter and the message goes .
  2. bls diesel fuel filter

    Hi- I am wondering the same thing myself. Did you manage to locate it?
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me by describing the location of and access to the oil filter on this vehicle please?