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  1. unplug them individually to isolate the bad fan.
  2. barczy01

    2002 ETC A/C Compressor Noise

    .020-.025 is where i set it. If the clutch is turning slow or rubbing when disengaged it needs adjusted.
  3. All I can say is you must have crazy $$$$$$$ in that car. 5/8 x 11 inserts like the Norm insert are available for great money now!
  4. what code is the ac system setting?
  5. barczy01

    Transmission filter kit

    I have always done flushes instead of dropping the pan. Get's all the fluid out of the transmission all 16qt. The upper transmision cooler line on the radiator is the outlet . I have gone to pic-a-part and cut a section of line and installed that section on line in the radiator port and added a 3/8 hose into a 5 gallon bucket .
  6. barczy01

    Transmission filter kit

    Hello, How many mile are on the car?
  7. You need a good scanner to isolate what cylinder is misfiring. More that likely its a coil pack but pull the boots and plugs to check .
  8."+negative+battery+cable&pos=16 9/10 times I replace them on every job. It's going to be burnt up at the alternator.
  9. Check the main ground on the alternator the the rf frame rail.
  10. barczy01

    1992 4.9L excess oil consumption

    Make sure the 1 rear oxygen sensor is working it might be lazy. As for other fuel mileage items go with the basics, tire pressure, winter fuel will give you 2-3 mpg less. Do you see any oil leaks at all or blue exhaust? Could the intake manifold bolts be loose under the valve cover? It's possible but that would create a vacuum leak and a higher than normal idle. Maybe hook a vacuum gauge up and see make sure the reading is 18-21 " at idle warm. The oil cooler lines do leak on these motors along with the oil filter adapter housing. The adapter housing is held down by 2 15mm bolts. Just loosen the one under the distributor and remove the other taller bolt. You will find 2 big fat seals in the oil filter housing i'm sure dealer only.
  11. one located on each cylinder head on the waterpump housing side. You have a severe head gasket issue if your blowing freeze plugs.
  12. Check for a vacuum leak on the intake manifold
  13. Logan your correct. The power steering lines do run along the front of the subframe. I would maybe check the lower trans cooler line fitting with the snap ring connect. The oring in the push fit connector deteriorates overtime and will leak trans fluid.
  14. The front bumper has 2 mini impact shocks on the body attached to the bumper for a crash. On some of these older cars I have seen these shock leaking. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  15. barczy01

    Leaking grease from CV boots?

    Pretty common on the 2000 -2003 cv axles. They started using a redesigned cv clamp that doesn't apply the force like the older clamps.