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  1. I have a small leak which looks like it's coming from the black plastic adapter coming from the reservoir to the pressure hose and return hose of the pump. It drips down the valve covers onto the Exaust manifold and starts smoking really bad, I got some Lucas stop leak fluid but I'm hesitant on using it because it says it reconditions seals and what if mine isn't the seal that's the problem! I think it could be o-rings inside the adapter but I would rather either just get a brand new adapter an replace with new rings or if this stop leaks miracle fluid works for this too that'll be cool!! My question is basically does the Lucas stop any power steering leak or just when it's leaking from the rack & pinions? Where do I buy this pump adapter? (autozone, oriellys, napa, advanced auto parts don't carry them) not getting it at the junkyard that's fr sure!! Should I siphon the fluid out and replace with 100% Lucas?
  2. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    Again it says engine coolant hot idle engine..... Ima try with the Old clamp hopefully it works or is there any radiator sealant you recommend? In case it really is a crack in the radiator?!... I heard pepper works good?!!.. Big puddle of coolant under car again!!!
  3. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    Sorry it was a typo.... I meant it only leaks when the cr has sat overnight and barely any when warming up or driving!! I took the radiator out and no visible cracks but the bottom tube is wet like the coolant it seeping out somehow.. I turned the tube around and it looks like it fits better. Can it just be the metal clamp that tighten the hose on the radiator? The clamp I used was kinda small but I opened it all the way wrapped it around the tube and tightened it.....
  4. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    The car seems tO inky leak when the car is cold and sitting overnight! I changed the thermostat and put the sealant around it! It stopped overheating for now!! Also I have a p030 code pull up and I changed my o2 sensor but it's still on!! I was told it was the isc motor that was tampered with when I was trying to clear my codes, I just need to know what do I set the idle speed to??? And how do I go about setting it to normal??
  5. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    I use the peak 50/50 don't add water coolant that mixes with any. When I changed te lower ruby I only drained the radiator not the whole system!!! Could that be why it's boiling over? Maybe there was water still in the block and when I put the coolant (that doesn't need water mixed in) they mixed making it the wrong mixture????? Hahah this is why I'm asking y'all for help, I'm lost! Thanks too by the way for the insight on what's going on with my baby!!
  6. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    Tell me about it..... The guy I bought the car from had all the vacuum lines cross crossed, a/c wasn't working, cel, ses, abs, tc, all lights were on! Now I fixed all except the one that comes on when the car reaches normal operating temps it's a code p030 current... Any help on this??? I'm going to try and change the hose once more because I don't see any cracks or bulges... I'm going to use the old metal clamp that was on the old hose see if it makes a difference. Can I just take the spring out of that hose maybe the spring is the problem it was kind of bent up from when I was trying to force it in the hose!
  7. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    So the big nut can unscrew and I can change that flat ring? Can you tell me step by step please?
  8. Metal line from bottom of radiator

    Yea there are 2 one on each side of the radiator but I'm talking about the one on the passenger side right on top of the bottom radiator hose!! It looks like it might be leakin from the o-ring. ......... Or I'm really thinkin it's the hose because when I squeeze the bottom hose i see drips of coolant hitting the cardboard I placed under the car. Can the clamp be too tight? Is there a wrong way to put the bottom hose on? I also hear coolant boiling from the thermostat housing and smoke coming out! I opened the housing but there was no thermostat even there, but it still boils after putting one in.
  9. Ok on my 4.9l the radiator started leaking coolant from the passenger side bottom of radiator. I thought it could he the lower radiator hose connecting to the water pump but since I changed it, it looks like it got worst!!! Could I have put the tube on backwards? Maybe the clamps were too tight, it barely fit around the tube and I had to open it all the way to wrap it around the tube and I still tightened it pretty tight.. I took a better look and o see coolant looks like it's coming from the the metal line right on top of the lower radiator hose. Does it have an oring? How do I remove it to change o-ring? It was a slow leak at first before I changed the lower hose((((oh yea I reused the spring from inside the bottom hose)))) now it's all over the ground and I spent my like half my whole check on like 5 gallons of coolant, tubes, gaskets, thermostat,and radiator cap and itall just leaks out!! Any help would be appreciated!! Maybe it's always been the metal line and maybe I put the lower hose on backwards so now it's leaking more?!!!.... Wat u think??
  10. Brake bypass to watch DVDs while driving

    Well it's so my wife can be entertained in the front seat and I can hook up my headrest screen to my indash like how I had it with my pioneer! I drive safe and I agree wit u 100%, it's just that we drive to the next town like every other day and it's just nice to have a peaceful ride when everyone is quiet !!
  11. I know y'all gone think it's dumb to downgrade but I got a perfectly good explanation!!! I have a pioneer avh-p4200dvd but I'm trading it plus 600$ for a set of 15" swangas so I'm jumping on that.. But I need a diagram or something with detailed instructions on how to install my ssl single din sd712b all the way down to my 6x9s and to watch DVDs while driving in my 95 sedan deville, any help would be appreciated
  12. Will a 97 sts chrome grill fit a 95 sedan deville or will I have to modify it somehow??!!. Asking before I spend 150 on a grill thatll be useless to me!!! Thanks!!
  13. Ok that seems like my best bet! Thank you all for your help!
  14. Ok that seems like my best bet! Thank you all for your help!
  15. The egr solenoid looks like it's missing a vacuum hose. can the hose that was too short coming frm the a/c vacuum splitter go to the egr solenoid?