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  1. I know that this is a old topic but I was in business for many years and repaired over 6000 Cadillac Northstar engines. I had not one but two heart attacks and had to take off for a while. The post above that was slandering me was placed there by a competitor, he had a guy send me his car and asked me to repair it which I did, he then complained that it was still over heating so i paid to have the car shipped back to me. I drove the car for two weeks putting on more than 300 miles on the car and could not find nothing wrong with it so i shipped the car back to him. He still called and said i was a crook and even placed my name and business on ripoff report.com which they wanted me to pay them a lot of money to take down, I then told the customer to take a picture and write down the serial number on the engine and I would pay once more to have the car shipped back to me and I put a brand new GM crate engine in the car and had it shipped back to him, I called him and told him the car was leaving my shop heading to him in a couple hours. The shipper was late picking up the car by about 8 hours, however the next morning the customer called me and told me once again he wanted his money back, He said the car is still over heating am I know that isn't possible so i called the shipper and he said that he was still about a hour away to deliver the car so this guy did not know that I knew the car was picked up late and couldn't have even been delivered yet. So, I contact my attorney and hired a private investigator and paid him a lot of money to follow him in the Cadillac he said was over heating, in the process he followed him making several trips to the plant that he worked at and took lots of pictures and videos of him driving the car, I also found out that he was working with a competitor of mine, unlike him and the competitor i will not mention his name but he makes and sells studs from Texas, This competitor also put videos on his website as well as youtube slandering me, my attorney sent him a letter ordering him to take the videos down and stop slandering me, as far as my customer Chris, i paid every time back and forth for the shipping, plus the cost of repairing his engine, then the cost of completely rebuilding his engine plus the cost of a new engine plus the cost of an attorney plus the cost of a private investigator. My attorney wanted to sue Chris as well for everything he owns because I had several people call me and talk about what they read on here plus on ripoff report.com and he cost me a lot of money. I never really made a lot of money repairing these cars as it was we just did a lot of them, This may sound crazy but I honestly looked at it as a public service more than anything because I cannot tell you how many of hundreds and hundreds of people, grown men, once they finally found me so often the car they need repaired was given to them from a deceased father or grand parent or mother and so often they would break down and cry when I returned there loved ones car to them in running order. But because of this one customer and the competitor he was working with broke my heart posting that stuff about me and broke me down and I had a massive heart attack and went back to work then had another one that actually killed me, they had to shock me three times to bring me back from that one. I still get calls to this day with people wanting me to repair their cars and they are heart broken when i tell them I am no longer in business. I would love to start repairing these again but I am not sure I can get over the damage this guy has done to my health and my reputation. 6000 Cadillac's repaired and just one, just one person ever complained and it cost me and my family over $15000.00 with everything and still my name is put through the mud to this day on here, on the internet. If anyone wants any information my number is still 330-507-9248 I can promise you this, if Chris starts harassing me again, I will sue him for everything he owns, I told him what My attorney said before and he just laughed, this guy has kids and a wife and I don't want them to suffer for the ignorant mistakes he makes. Dale Oh, one last thing,I forgot to mention, during the investigation with the P.I he also found a local place where a shop rebuilt the transmission for this guy in another car and after he got the car back he did the same thing to him, harassed him into giving him his money back when the operator of the transmission shop swears that they transmission was in perfect working order.
  2. Hello every one. My Name is Dale Davis, AKA< Cadillac Doctor. A customer of mine was telling me he had read on this forum that some people were wondering if I was legit. Well, I do own a small business here in NE Ohio where all I do is repair the Cadillac Northstar engines. I have repaired over 3000 to date with out one return. I read on here where some one was saying that a bad head gasket could not allow water to get into the oil, this is false. Also, while talking about me someone was talking about the cost of my repair and what you get for the money. We do not make a lot of money on these repairs, we just do a lot of them. The company consist of myself and my two adult sons. We will remove your engine, remove the heads, we then drill and tap every head bolt hole and install studs and put it all back together again with all new gaskets. We also install a new water pump, Thermostat and spark plugs, We change the plugs just as a courtesy to the customers because some of these cars the plugs are hard to get to. We do warrant the repair for one year, unlimited miles. The name Cadillac Doctor is not self imposed but this is what several of my customers called me and it just stuck. I know these engines inside and out. We also seal up the lower crank case as well as performing a complete rebuild, 100% if requested at $3500.00. I have a licensed business by the name of Davis Auto Repair. We are located at 807 Market st, Youngstown Ohio, 44502. My number is 330-507-9248 and my website is www.cadillacdoctor.com My email is info@cadillacdoctor.com I am not here to advertise because believe me, we get tons of business, I am simply showing that I am not a scammer as a couple was wondering about. I am just a man trying to make a honest living at very fair prices. I will be posting this else where on this site in other forums where people were wondering about me. If you ever have a question about a problem you may have, and think I may be able to help, please give me a call. Thanks Dale