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  1. winterset

    My 1996 LED taillight conversion

    I do not believe we have the can bulbs. I think that is what newer cars use. But I am really not sure. I ordered mi my make/model/year. I think you will be pleased with the bright lights. When in doubt, choose the Cree bulbs because they are the best.
  2. For the last few weeks, I have had a coolant smell, but didn't see anything. Well...... Today I had a whiff when I was driving, and when I got home I had a little steam coming out fom under the hood. The car never got above 196 degrees. The lower hose is bulging, and appears to have sprung a small leak. The radiator and surge tank were replaced 3-4 years ago as preventative maintenance. I never replaced the original hoses. Today I ordered a gates upper and a gates lower hose. Hopefully this is not caused by an overpressurized cooling system (if you know what I mean). I thought these were lifetime hoses? Do the nylon bands just break from age? I'll keep my fingers crossed with a ratchet in my hand when the parts come!!
  3. winterset

    My DeVille Got Hit

    Sorry to hear of your bad luck as well. I will keep my '96 Deville in the garage on the trickle charger for a few more months. If life is any indication of this thread, they are targeted!! Yes, might have to get 2 cheap side cameras from China on eBay. I'll have to figure out how to keep the cigarette lighters always on.
  4. winterset

    New Cadillac owner 97 Deville

    My rear hub went bad because my brake was hanging due to a sticking emergency brake cable. It's the only hub replaced, and under warranty, it was replaced with an oem unit. wonder if the rotor overheated and boiled the grease out the hub? when the wheel is lifted, it should not wiggle, and it should spin by hand. while driving, a bad hub sounds like you are being followed by an old crop dusting propeller airplane. While your suspect wheel is jacked up, apply the emergency brake. The wheel should not be able to be spun, and when the brake is released, the wheel should become free. find the override release for the emergency brake under the dash, so you do not have to start up the car, and put it in gear to release the emergency brake. This is not recommended if the car is jacked up or on jack stands.
  5. winterset

    My DeVille Got Hit

    I have cameras in my cars. They shut down, and are motion activated. All of My blackvue cameras were expensive, but well worth the security. 4 years later, and the prices came down some.
  6. winterset

    New Cadillac owner 97 Deville

    Just to be clear, the rear piston is not to be compressed with a c clamp. It requires the special notched tool or pliers, and the piston is screwed back to go inside the caliper. This is to support the emergency brake. The fronts can. Be pushed back in with a clamp or the caliper tool.
  7. winterset

    New Cadillac owner 97 Deville

    I heard that running repeated hot to cold a few times followed by repeated heat to defrost gets the vent doors free by working them to extremes. It makes sense, but I never tried it myself. Sorry for stepping in, but it might be worth a try.
  8. winterset

    Remote window controller

    Thanks. I guess there are no revisions, or backwards compatibility standards. Looks like I'll have to find out the particulars a little more. Devices made today are for the newer obd ii, and for the older cars, we need to go used, or nos.
  9. winterset

    My dead Seville

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that after 10 years, the battery went bad and quickly drained itself dead. I am curious if you had alternator issues on that car? I was taught that a battery past its prime places a heavy load on the charging system. In either case, I am glad it's ok so far. What battery did you get? My garage queen has an optima.
  10. I purchased this on eBay: its a micro module that plugs into the obd ii port. I bought it for my sons new Chevy, but It does not say it works for Cadillac. I plugged it into my daughters ATS, and it works perfectly. When you get out of the car, and hit lock, just hold it for another 2 seconds, and it rolls up the 4 Windows. Hold unlock, and hold it and all the windows roll down. during the roll up or roll down, if you hit any button, it will stop the window at that place - so it is easy to open each window just a little equally.. I tried it on my 1996, and it does not work on dinosaurs. Apparently, Gm cars enable this feature in Europe, but it is not legal for car manufactures to have it as an option in the USA. If you have young kids or grandkids in your car, I would not recommend having this btw. can someone tell me when obd ii changed? I purchased a heads up display, and it only works in new cars. My 2002 Chevy does not recognize the device, and I had to purchase a new code reader because the one I used in my 2002 does not work in a 2016 car. I tried googling, but I could not get what or when it changed. I thought basic code reading would have been backwards compatible at least. ooh, and so you all know. They do make and sell $6.00 multi ports so you can have 6 multiple devices plugged into obd ii ports. And and it's like I tell my kids : it's all fun and games till I plug in another obd ii device and deploy the air bags!!
  11. winterset

    My DeVille Got Hit

    To properly match/blend the paint, the front passenger door will need to be partially painted to blend the color. I do not believe the old technique of painting just a single panel is practiced anymore. The eye is focused on comparing the color match between two panels, but once they are blended within a panel, it is not noticeable. The paint shop / dealership should also give a lifetime guarantee on the repair work.
  12. Because I like the bold look of LED indicators , I decided to convert my rear turn and brake bulbs, and I thought I would give some tips for anyone thinking the same. first is that you should purchase the color LED that fits the color of the lens. In my case, my directional bulbs are red, along with my brake bulbs, so I purchased 4 red LED's. To avoid hyper flash (LED's draw less current, so the flasher blinks fast like it does when a bulb is burned out) - at first I thought to install 1 resistor for each bulb. In my case, I replaced 4 bulbs, so I would need 4 resistors wired in to the tail light harness. I didn't want to cut or splice wires, so I thought to plug them in to the trailer wire socket that is located inside the spare tire housing. I decided to rather buy the blinker module made specifically for LED's. I simply unplug the original located under the dash, and replaced it with this smaller $2.50 LED compatible one I bought in eBay. Now my brake bulbs and my rear flashers blink nice and slow, bold red with no warm up and cool down delay. I must say that the rear is a little brighter at night, and I am still waiting for my bottom red 194 bulb that should be here any day. I accidentally ordered a white bulb, and it is so bright, that it makes the lens look washed out red. I currently have an incadescent bulb in there now, but it is inherently dim, and the tail fin is not as red at the bottom as it would be with a bright red LED. i also added 2 bulbs to my 3rd brake lamp inside the rear deck. didnt know it was possible to make my old '96 scream Cadillac any louder than what it had, but it does! - and it does from 1/4 a mile behind me too!
  13. winterset

    Front caliper rubber

    Thanks oldcaltech yep, I think I might have finally solved my mild to really bad brake vibration I had with this car for some time. Based on the picture, I found that the rubber sleeves are easy to remove, and do not need any special machine. I took it out, and found rust inside where the rubber sits snug in the caliper. That little bit of rust was causing the rubber to bulge in there, thus making it hard for the pin to glide smoothly. I used my dremmel to lightly grind and sand out the rust. Now the pin glides nice and smooth. I scored a new set of brembo rotors on eBay for $89 shipped to my home. I agree that the old rotors probably needed a cut, but new was easier for me. i just greased the pins, and verified it's good. I will finish putting it together tomorrow, then do the other side then also. ive been doing brakes for many years, and I am very particular, and this is the first time I heard let alone experienced this. Also, I find it odd that on this car, when the two bolts holding the caliper on are removed, the rotor comes right off too. I always had a separate bracket there that would prevent the rotor from being removed. So there is no additional labor installing a new rotor on this car because the rotor comes off with the same labor to change the pads. So a tip to you all is that if you have a pulsation or vibration in the brakes, the rubber guide pin sleeve/bushings can be getting crushed by rust.
  14. winterset

    Front caliper rubber

    I had a really bad shimmy when I applied the brakes. I inspected the slide pins, and on the drivers side, one glide pin was having a tough time moving in the rubber. The top was fine, but the bottom pin/sleeve is binding. Does anyone know if I can replace the rubber, or if a shop can do it? Are there caliper rebuilders around? Not sure how to proceed, but I know I don't want a remanufactured caliper, or an after market. Thanks!!
  15. winterset

    My DeVille Got Hit

    Sorry this happened to your car. you might have to put your boxing mitts on to fight with the insurance company, but believe me when I tell you that paint technology, and color matching and blending has come a long way. Your initial check from the insurance will be a lowball figure. bringing it to the right restoration/ custom paint shop will help. The shop will dictate how to properly repair the vehicle. Google around to see a local shop that specializes in custom paint, and see how they can help. GOOD LUCK