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  1. One rare Cadillac

    Love it! Thank you so much for sharing, Bruce. Best, Ron
  2. Hello, Mr. Woods. IMO, this is a no-brainer. If the gasket test passes, you have a steal at the asking price. Your #89 Collector's Edition is in the first batch of 532 Alpine White models, followed by the middle batch of 532 Aztec Red cars and the final batch of 532 Alpine white models. Below are further details from a 2002 press release... Collector's Edition CADILLAC CREATES SPECIAL 2002 ELDORADO COLLECTOR SERIES TO COMMEMORATE THE END OF AN ERA DETROIT� As production of the Cadillac Eldorado winds down this year, so too winds down a rich, colorful chapter in Cadillac's 100-year history. To help commemorate this event and to pay homage to the Eldorado�s place in automotive lore, Cadillac will build 1,596 Collector Series 2002 Eldorados. These units will be the last ones to roll off the assembly line in Lansing, Mich., as this particular version of the Eldorado ends its production run. The name Eldorado will forever be a part of Cadillac�s storied past � and perhaps its future as well. "The Eldorado Collector Series has been created as a grand tribute to Eldorado's 50 years of automotive excellence and it is fitting that we commemorate it in our Centennial Year," said Mark LaNeve, Cadillac general manager. "Devotees will appreciate the thoughtful touches that emulate the original 1953 Eldorado." The Collector Series stays true to the Eldorado nameplate with Alpine White and Aztec Red, two original exterior colors from 1953, the first year of Eldorado production. It also features specific seven spoke chrome wheels with an ETC center insert. A retuned, throatier exhaust note recalls the authentic sound of the 1953 model. The Alpine White and Aztec Red models each feature a unique trim and seat package. Alpine White is complimented by a two-tone leather trim Shale interior with Oatmeal accents on seats and door trim map pockets. A lighter, rich Pommele Sapelli wood graces the instrument panel, door trim and console, replacing traditional Zebrano wood. Aztec Red Coupes will sport Black and Torch Red two-tone leather trim accented with a high-tech carbon fiber look on the instrument panel, door trim and console. Both versions of the collector series will feature the Cadillac wreath and crest stitched on the front seatbacks and a numbered collector's plate mitered into the dash. The Collector Series includes all of the standard equipment featured on the Eldorado ETC model. Production of the Collector Series begins Feb. 21 and ends April 23. Cadillac will build 1,596 Collector Series editions: 1,064 Alpine White and 532 Aztec Red. Since the original 1953 production run was 532 units, the Collector Series will be built in three batches of 532 units each: 532 white, 532 red and 532 white. In addition, all limited edition models will have a Collector's Series plate imbedded into the IP trim (either the carbon fiber or wood) with each vehicle numbered in sequence: '1 of 1596', '2 of 1596', etc. Each Collector's Series plate will be sequenced to the VIN of that vehicle. And if that's not enough encouragement for you, here are a few pics of my #262...
  3. Left the Eldorado at the airport in Houston but noticed this Caddy while visiting "Thunder Hole" in the park near Bar Harbor last month...
  4. You don't understand the picture? Hmmmmm.... Maybe if you study a few more pictures with captions it will all begin to make sense to you... http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=43969
  5. Road trip rest...

    Forgot the profile shot...
  6. Road trip rest...

    Visited my sister near Blanco, Texas this past weekend. Roosters awakened me early so a few quick driveway shots with fresh dew still on the windows seemed appropriate... Best, Ron
  7. which justified a quick pit stop this afternoon and a few cell phone cam shots while I'm at it... Best, Ron
  8. And Good Early Morning to you as well. Hopefully the information from this site ( http://www.carid.com/wood-dash-kits.html?gclid=CJ-pne2__LYCFcJw4AodyU4AFA ) will be helpful to you. Be advised the panel trim on your Cadillac is actually real wood, not simulated. It is a very thin veneer precision cut for shape and thickness and is of course a luxurious appointment for your car's interior. Here is an Amazon listing for a Cadillac interior trim kit... http://www.amazon.com/Sherwood-Factory-Matched-Pommele-2D-4743/dp/B00DNS25EK Perhaps a "Google" search for interior trim packages for you particular vehicle will yield some postive results. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Ron
  9. After 2 weeks of dreary winter weather...

    Thanks. All the seals are perfect on the car. I wipe them down myself with white lithium grease. I have a spray can of it which I spray onto an old washcloth before wiping the seals. It also works perfectly on the window seals. Stops the "squeaking" noise (windows going up and down when seals are tight and dry) immediately as well as any noise on the door springs and hinges. The original owner of the car was a collector and he babied the car so as the second owner I am doing the same. Hopefully she'll look this nice for another thirteen years as least! Best, Ron