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  1. Trumpet Horns

    This is interesting. I never saw this thread and didnt know anything about horns. I don't like my horn, I miss the horn I had in the 66, it was more high pitched. This horn has a fog horn sound to it, that make this car appear like a steam liner I will see what I can find in the scrap yard for you. There were a lot of horns.
  2. Wow Logan you are taking shots at me, rightfully so, but darn Anyway, let me explain why this process is taking longer than usual. I dont have a digital copy of the manual, only the of the drivetrain. I sat down before and I found the ground G109 in my manual after some searching, looked at the fault tree, etc. Now I have to unpack the scanner because it is packed, and hook it up to my laptop, scan the photo on the couch, edit it, upload it to Photobucket, and do the post. Its an exhausting process, I know I know a man with excuses is an excuse of a man. Here is the scan of G109's location, pay attention to S127 also, see the second scan. S stands for splices. I would have a look at S127 also. According to the manual, S127 is located in the engine harness, approximately 10 cm from G109 conn breakout, see pic
  3. That's what I needed Ranger. I had not seen that thread. Now I know what to look for and today I determined what tools I will need. I will do some prospecting. They have a ton of Caddy's now, I was really surprised. I need an STS.
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: I still won't chance it, but I wear a belt and suspenders!
  5. They are two different people silly.... Scotty was hot tempered and argumentative and BBF is mellow and laid back. Congrats on top poster. I went to the scrap yard tons of horns from 94 to 01, I need to do more research, scan your HORN section (not from the local band by the way ) in your manual, see if you find any descriptive info. Now that summer is over they are open on Sat at 8 AM cool.. I got a handful of relays from the trunk relay center. I am hoping the I picked up the interior lights relay. They are all Bosch relays... in good condition. Congrats Larry your continued participation and gentlemanly style is one of the things that makes the board so good.
  6. Ball Joint Replacement

    There is a warning in the manual not to overextend the inner CV joint its a common mistake/problem. The tri-pot joint comes out of position and it needs disassembly to repair it. I will post a photo of it at some point. That is undoubtedly what happened here. AND I want to add that it's easy to overextend it. It can be taken apart and the tri-pod joint re-seated, it does not need replacing, but the work involved with re-seating it might not be worth the trouble. The inner boot would need to be replaced, you would have grease everywhere, and probably need to add some grease. If I went that far I would probably clean out the old grease and re-grease it. That is a lot of trouble and it makes sense to replace it... Not to mention the cost of the new boot, grease and time involved. Still seems a shame however, when you see how simple that joint is, you will understand what I mean. There are only three removable parts if I am not mistaken, pretty simple.
  7. Ill pull out my manual in a bit and see what I can find
  8. 97 SLS Money Pit

    You are driving an 11 year old car that is a complex car with 88,000 miles on it. EXPECT repairs. If you are not mechanically inclined, do not have a basic set of tools in a TALL RED BOX, ( ), don't have the factory service manual and enjoy reading it before bedtime (and it gets you excited), if you need to take your car to the dealer for repairs, this is not going to be a fun car for you unless of course, you have deep pockets, but DON'T let it reflect badly on GM or CADILLAC. These are AMAZING cars for the right owners, however; negative, ludite, fat fingered, negative whiners need not apply (and there are no implications in that statement, its a fact). These cars need PROPER and regular maintenance and as it ages, repairs frequency will accelerate. If it was a 97 STS, I'd be willing to take it off your hands for a good price given that it has so many problems and does not appear to have been maintained properly However, we will be glad to help you out here if you would like to make a go of it. We once had a GM Powertrain engineer here who shared his knowledge with us. Many of our members, including myself had the opportunity to know and learn from him. Ranger refers to him as Yoda. I believe we are his disciples. This is sounding like a cult, Anyway, if you keep it positive, we would be GLAD to help you. There are so many obvious problems with your post, Jim cited one the code that is stopping the compressor from starting. At your mileage, the compressor usually needs replacing, I replaced mine two years ago in a 96. In the old days we just CUT the belt off. The dealer has seen a lot of this an knows it needs a compressor. The engine idle service is probably related to the throttle body needing cleaning and the throttle plate hanging open from dirt. The transmission shift lock and the cruise control messages may be related there is a switch actuated by the brake pedal. I would clean the battery connections especially the positive cable and see what codes come back. You are getting some codes related to low and intermittant battery power.
  10. You will be the top poster soon, I wanted to acknowledge that.
  11. Cadillac Cien

    Nice car, BBF!
  12. Where did Scotty go?

    Flaming, thanks for your concern, I have been here everyday..... my friend BodybyFisher often refers members to my threads.... he and I are pretty close...
  13. Thanks Ed. Yes that is exactly why I inquired about negative camber to improve the cornering on my boat, oh I mean Deville... Glad to hear that there were no negative aspects to this, next time I get an alignment, I will insist they add in some negative camber, Mike
  14. Very interesting Ed. I recently had my car 4 wheel aligned and inquired about negative camber. The tech (who appears to be pretty good) did not recommend it for my Deville saying that the negative camber negatives would probably would outweigh the benefits.. like poor steering wheel returnability... Did you have negative camber done to the front and back? thanks