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  1. rockfangd

    Fuel fill issue

    Today I finally took a few minutes to work on the fuel issue and I found a very obvious problem but have no idea if it can be related to the fuel fill issue. I replaced the purge valve(engine bay) which is the only sensor I found listed and when I went to replace it I found that the nipple that comes off the valve and goes to the intake was broken off and had cracks throughout it. I guess I will find out tomorrow if it makes any difference. Surely must have caused a vacuum leak as the vacuum comes from the intake. Next step is to pull the lines off the canister and see if there is any issues there. Did I mention I dont know what time is🙄
  2. no it is behind the back seat. You can barely see it from the trunk if you remove the panel in the back of the trunk. It is centered on the black bracket behind the seat.
  3. The radio is just a display unit technically. The brains, (amp ) is located behind the back seat. I always like to keep things original so I never tried to do it. I am sure others have done it. Hopefully someone who has will chime in
  4. It will not lock as the vin is encrypted into it rather than a code. So as long as the vins match it will work fine I have had no issues. I installed and programmed the same radio in both of my Caddys. I personally would do anything to fix the original. Installing a aftermarket radio is not very easy. And if it has Bose even worse
  5. Ok I dont consider the cd cleaner to count as many cd players do not work with them. Is the cd a burned cd or a bought cd? Sometimes they can be picky with burned discs. If it cannot read it it will spit it out. The upside is that if you have to send it out for service is that it is not difficult to remove. Console shift is a pain to do. But column shift is cake. You carefully pop the trim off from around the radio, then there is a clip on each side of the radio that you squeeze to release. Pull the radio out and there is a blue plug and a antenna plug. You may get lucky and find that there is just dried grease where the laser slides. Or even easier to have dust buildup
  6. Welcome to Caddyinfo. I have a few questions. Is it the in dash unit? Is it a RDS radio? or is it the changer in the trunk? cleaning disc aside If you have the radio on another source (fm radio, cassette, etc...) does the disc icon flash when a disc is inserted or does it come on solid? Or just spit it back out. Sorry for the questions. It gives me a better idea of exactly what the issues are
  7. good. I guess as long as there is no actual fuel coming through that line
  8. It is not vapor when it leaks. What you are smelling is the leftover vapor from it leaking
  9. Welcome to Caddyinfo. I used Gorilla glue with great success on my 97. I would not recommend attempting without removing the dash from the vehicle. What I liked about the gorilla glue was that it swelled to fill all of the gaps as it cured. It should be clamped as well as possible to cover a large area. This way it will cure evenly
  10. rockfangd

    2002 ETC A/C Compressor Noise

    I have good luck with ACdelco and 4 seasons. Not so good luck with valeo. If the AC blows warm at idle it is one of a few things. Overcharged system. This puts a strain on the system and at idle cannot handle the excess flow. Basically the compressor is working too hard at idle. Condenser fan may be plugged or not working. Condenser may be plugged. Ditto on the clutch bearing. I would think it would come with the kit. If the system is unknown I usually replace the whole things as the reed valves get worn out over time and the seals can leak.
  11. rockfangd

    2002 ETC A/C Compressor Noise

    Sounds like your clutch is not working. I have to warn that if that compressor is aftermarket I would not have much faith in the clutch not self destructing. I have seen too many that came apart shortly after a clutch failed. Was the ac working good before the noise started? It is very possible that the gap was never set correctly and it wore out prematurely
  12. I second that. Check the fans. If they test good follow the harness from the bottom of the radiator support and see if it is chaffed or pinched anywhere. Does it instantly trip or as it warms up? Welcome to CaddyInfo forum
  13. rockfangd

    brake valve question

    Yes. The left rear is at the front IIRC, the RR is in the back. 97 Changed some things. Different valves also.
  14. you will want to check number 1,3,8,13. 13 is a rather common failure also. It makes the system think it has low pressure when it does not