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  1. Does anyone know of any Front Subframe mount kits for the E/K platform. A kit that has the 2 bushings, bolt, retainer, etc... I would like to replace them on one if not both of my 97 Caddys. I am also looking for them for a 2001 Deville. Owner said subframe is dropping through mounts. Gotta love NY
  2. Hi all. I have to service the brakes on both of my 97 Caddys and The only part I dread is removing the wheel center caps. I have yet to find a tool that works well in removing them. I have my plastic trim tools but these caps are so seamless that it is nearly impossible to get anything behind them. Any tips would be much appreciated
  3. rockfangd

    The ongoing Deville thread

    I figured out the pics. Hope it works
  4. rockfangd

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    95-99 IIRC The 3 part one I have seen hit or miss. Up to around 97. That is the one my 96 had. It sure seemed to be original on mine. Both of my 97s have the 1 part motor.
  5. rockfangd

    The ongoing Deville thread

    They were a very common issue in that era. Not just Cadillacs, but olds, buick, and Chevy. Pontiac didnt really have the issue because they had their own style Steering wheel and airbag. There was a recall at one point for the issue and The airbags were being replaced for it but of course none of mine. I think it is worse in cold states as the rubber gets stiff and applies pressure to the pads below causing the issue
  6. rockfangd

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    sometimes the cage may get fractured either in shipping or during install, Then later on it will break or split as it cycles
  7. rockfangd

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    It can come out. Likely by breaking the cage. I bet that is what happened on the install. That is why it would vibrate
  8. rockfangd

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    Not sure to be honest. My 96 had the 3 part one. I found a good used one and replaced it. I like it. Much better than the 1 piece plastic one Was nice as there was no removal of anything. I will see if I can find a number for that setup. Here is one listed on Ebay # 292494125945 BLOWER MOTOR W/ 5 BOLTS BLOWER MOTOR***5 BOLTS interchange # 615-00219 This part will fit these makes and models with these options DEVILLE 94-99 5 mounting bolts ELDORADO 94-02 front, 5 mounting bolts SEVILLE 94-97 front, 5 mounting bolts
  9. rockfangd

    The ongoing Deville thread

    The short had been in the airbag. If you played with it it would stop for awhile, but would reoccur shortly after
  10. rockfangd

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    yup. Wish it were that easy
  11. rockfangd

    The ongoing Deville thread

    I have a spare column. I will have to check it. It has been awhile. Where does the ribbon. I think I may have replaced the clockspring last year
  12. rockfangd

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    If you can get really lucky you can try and locate the 3 piece one that requires no modification. I did that with mine as I did not want to drop the subframe. The 1 piece motor is not very easy without dropping the front of the cradle or tipping the engine forward a fair amount
  13. rockfangd

    The ongoing Deville thread

    This car had suffered from the issue with the airbag. When I bought the car the horns would blare on their own when it got cool outside. I could pin it down to almost 40*f. Very embarassing especially 2 in the morning while neighbors were sleeping So I had to replace the airbag.(was not under the recall🙄) I had to replace the tone ring kit as the plastic ear had broken off. and finally I have 1 out of 4 new horns installed. I am hoping they work once are all replaced. They always work during the NYSI😉
  14. rockfangd

    The ongoing Deville thread

    Well I have started my Deville off to a great start this season. Last year I found a mint condition 98 Deville at my local yard. I bought the trunk, rear bumper, and lower valence. I installed the back bumper and valance last year as my original was all broken from prior owner, but wanted to wait til I knew I was going to get it painted to install the trunk lid as the color was different. I had gotten a few quotes last year and heard alot of BS about how I should have it done and how much it would cost. Well This year I brought my business to a local body shop that has been around for 50 years. The cleanliness of the shop, the professionalism I saw. I was rather pleased. I bit the bullet and installed the trunk lid and sent it to be painted. I had the trunk, bumper, valance, quarters, and mouldings painted. They blended the quarter panels and installed new pinstriping that nearly perfectly matches the hand painted original pinstriping. I just brought the car home tonight and I was astonished as to how perfect it came out. It looks like brand new and even I cannot find any evidence it was done. I am so happy I had it done. It cost 1700 for everything. No rust, no dents. Wonderful. What a color this caddy is. It is like a creamy shale. I have not seen another with the same color. If I can figure out how to post a few pictures I will. I had to wash my Seville when I got home tonight as it looked dusty sitting next to the Deville. All clean now. Kudos to Panellas Collision for making my 20 year old Caddy look so proud. Just like factory. Some less than great news Horns still dont work. Bought all new horns, installed one so far. They work when they want to. Wipers still work when they want to also. Have to get a wiper motor plug for the rainsense motor as someone goofed up the pins in the plug. Climate control works good now. ONLY USE OEM ACTUATORS ON THESE. Dont waste time and money on aftermarket. They dont work So overall A few things are a work in progress but to see this car when I bought it to what it is now is unbelievable. And for the record. This engine still runs at 196*f normally. Rarely ever hits 201. That is what I like to see
  15. rockfangd

    Air Ride sagging

    Rides like a dream. Sits perfectly level. I cant believe that it can be so perfectly level.