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  1. I deal with those pumps as buses that have hydraulic brakes have them. Just a bigger version and 2 pumps rather than one. One is for the front and the other is for the rear. the ones on the buses are Common to failure mainly due to the location of them. they actually give assist when the key is on without the engine running. Typically they do a pump test on KOEO then you may hear it engage when depressing the brake pedal
  2. Ok is there a plug to the pump? should have 2 wires. 1 ground (likely black) and one hot(+)wire (purple, pink, or red likely) If it has a plug unplug it. Then put your test light clamp on the positive battery terminal. Then touch the positive pin to the pump. It should not light up. In my experience that does not mean that the pump is bad as some motors will show ground on both wires until voltage is supplied to the power wire. If you want to know if the pump motor is indeed shorted you could supply a fused power to the pump itself and see if it pops the fuse, attempts to spin, or makes any noise. I would typically remove the relay and supply the fused power to the output pin of the relay only. I actually recommend that you disconnect the positive battery terminal when you do this to prevent damage to other components. I would say likely your motor is the problem. They are common and when failing cause excessive resistance in the circuit which is why the fuse blows. could you post a picture of the pump motor
  3. 2004 Deville won't start.

    dont forget to check your fuel pressure. your pump may be weak. also could be burnt plug to it. Seen nearly every one with the plug burnt
  4. I wonder if your speakers could be blown. I would try disconnecting the battery and leaving it off for a minute. Then see if it works again. Weirdly enough I have seen it work.
  5. Window Motor or Switch?

    both the master switch and the window motor common. I say the master switch is more common than the motor. but the driver window motor takes the most abuse
  6. Cadillac CT6 @ 119 mph in a 65 mph zone

    Lol. So it was A Cadillac she was styling in. At least she wasnt hiding anything
  7. Oil Leak Fixed - Motor Purr

    Well I for one say that if there are 2 options 1 being to remove the engine and reseal it 2 try a bottle of snake oil It may be worthwhile to try option 2 even if it works for a period of time. especially if option 1 is not a option. although I do not believe in most snake oils (miracles in a bottle) sometimes it may help to get a little while more. I stress that it may be temporary.
  8. My DeVille Got Hit

    weird. I do it by 3 stage wet sanding, then 3 coats of good clearcoat. then wax. Mixed luck. I swear my 96 Deville had glass headlamps. They used 9006 and 9005 bulbs but the assemblies were glass. Were mint. I dont remember what my Seville has
  9. Just because the towers on the coil packs dont have rust, or have minimal rust doesnt mean they are fine. If this were my car I would get it properly diagnosed for the miss and very likely replace the other coil pack. Any cracking in the coil pack and I replace them. My eldo had issues like you describe and once I replaced both coils it ran like new. Most times I thought it was running fine when the light came on but once they were replaced it purred. Both were bad. 1 is grey, 1 is black. But both are interchangeable. spend a little and get the proper codes, that will greatly help you. As for injector issue... Rarely do I have any issues, not saying it is not possible, but maybe less likely
  10. My DeVille Got Hit

    I know multiple people that owned 2000-2003 Cadillacs. None own them now. all had the same consumption issue.
  11. My DeVille Got Hit

    Or closer to me. I would love to have another 96 Deville
  12. My DeVille Got Hit

    Good for you. Hard work pays off. I would absolutely fix the Deville before buying a Eldo. I have had 2 eldos and although very nice cars truly no comparison to the Deville. Especially the 96. I would love to get my 96 Deville back. Things started changing in 1997 and seemed to get cheaper. 96 was a wonderful year. Last year of the skirts, glass headlights, and other things The eldos had issues. Door panels were not great .The 00-03 engines love to use more than marginal oil. When I bought my last eldo I drove it hard and I still had to put oil in it once a week. I travel too much to have to do that. I replaced it with my 97 D'elegance and have not added any oil since. Same thing with my Seville, Never had to add any oil yet. My honest opinion is that the Deville is the top model of the E/K series. It has the best comfort, ride, and performance all in one. I can go all day. I dont want to be judged, just giving my opinions having owned many
  13. my 01 eldo had issues with misfires and I pulled the cylinder code. The tool I used was Innova 3100. Like that one anyway but a little older model. It works nicely for ecm and abs. and it shows monitor status
  14. My decent code reader states what cylinder is missing. I would not be surprised if the other coil assembly was bad. They were very common to getting heat cracks and intermittently failing. I dont recommend putting a used coil unit but rather a new oe unit also there may be oil filled in one or more of the plug wells causing issues as well. If there is I would replace the boot
  15. I will PM you so as to not hijack the thread