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  1. did you try the switch on the passenger door? The master switch is rather common on them Welcome to Caddyinfo. I will see if I can find the diagram to see which fuse or breaker powers it. Is there anything else that is not working?
  2. 2004 Deville hesitating at Idle

    Did you replace the injector bottom o-rings. I typically replace them as they can dry out and get damaged when removed
  3. No it should be vin encrypted. Therefore if stored vin matches it will work when plugged in
  4. Leaking grease from CV boots?

    excellent. way better than axle replacement
  5. Leaking grease from CV boots?

    Clamp replacement is possible without removal. With the right tool anyway. They make a clamp tool that works on the side and the top. Therefore able to get into tighter access. They are called cv axle clamp pliers
  6. 2 things come to mind. Either a throttle position sensor, Idle air control, or a coolant temp sensor. I am leaning more toward TPS or IAC though. The pintle may be plugged or sticking in the throttle body. When the car idles without having to push on the gas what is its RPM? Welcome to CaddyInfo
  7. Hello Welcome to Caddyinfo. I would check the Deville for feathering on the tires. It is also very possible it has a bad wheel bearing in the front. Does the noise change when turning right or left? It may be both sides. They can really howl when they are dry
  8. Should work just fine. Any of the E/K platform should work ok. I have done tons of them. From all kinds of years. I might add that if it was replaced with a aftermarket it may be different Welcome to Caddyinfo forum
  9. The air injection pump Located behind the bumper at the left front of the vehicle. Only runs on startup. Injects air into the exhaust to lean the exhaust. Common issue. Probably has, had water in it. The raised idle is normal
  10. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    even then It always seems to have to be ordered
  11. Missing my Caddys

    Lol My Deville is supposed to be my daily driver. When I retired my 96 Deville I bought my nissan. Problem is that my nissan did not satisfy me for a DD. So I bought my 97 Deville. I decided I wanted to preserve it so I put it away in the winter like my Seville. I am not sure why but I agree that Cadillacs do not rust as quick as others. At least none of mine have. But the rust was popping up pretty good on my 96. the reason they rust below the fuel door is because of the foam type padding that soaks up moisture and salt. It just sits there and rots
  12. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    Recommend Rockauto. Have always had great luck with them
  13. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    still need it. does anyone in your area do loner tool? Advanced, autozone,, etc...