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  1. How did you mount it? IIRC I had issues with 1 bolt so I never put mine on stand. I wanted to, It may have been due to the crossover. It has been a few years. I did my 350 on it without much issue. Could use some reinforcing in my opinion though. Being afraid of tipping the stand over is not a good feeling when you want to rotate the engine on it.
  2. rockfangd

    The Rainsense story

    Yes you can use a plain windshield. I will see if I can find out if the rainsense equipped replacements are still available. Too bad on the excessive consumption. I have great luck with the 90s northstar regarding oil consumption. How do you drive it? Highway, city, or mixed? Stay away from the the Rotella. It wont help you. Just regular valvoline or Pennzoil should be fine. Dont run synthetic. It will worsen. I drive both of mine hard and they use no oil. my 96 had 230k on it and used no oil. I drove it hard. It loved every bit until the exhaust went into the coolant. I let it go
  3. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    Wires may be red. Probably more toward the engine. PCM harnesses should be fine. The wire you are looking for is larger in diameter than the ones to the PCM. Also likely by itself or in a bundle without a ton of wires
  4. rockfangd

    The Rainsense story

    The replacement windshield should already have the sensor mounted. Other than that there is no difference between the windshields. What oil are you running. Dont want to start a debate, just curious. The Concours is a very nice model. I am hoping to find one someday And yes that is the adhesive. You can see how it is different in that it has the 2 slit openings that match to the sensor
  5. rockfangd

    The Rainsense story

    I would see if the windshield is available with it still. If it is not, install a new rain sensor. There should be some kicking around still. Do not buy a unseen used as they are often damaged. People use scraper blade to clean off the adhesive and damage the sensor windows. 10 out of 10 of them I saw were damaged. If you have to reuse yours twist it back and forth until it releases. Then soak it well with goo gone and gently clean it off. You will want to get the specific adhesive for it. It is part# RSK1229. If you cannot find one let me know as I have one. Best of luck. Glad to see you back
  6. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    I would highly suspect that wire. It may have voltage but not enough under load. Especially if it is at the splice itself. You are for sure on the right track
  7. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    Ok judging by where you are at I would check the relays and fuses for corrosion at the underhood electrical center. Pull the black cover off the whole center and have a good look. Disconnect the battery and look those terminals over well too.
  8. rockfangd

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    I am a little confused here. If the pigtail had corrosion did you replace it? IS there corrosion now at or in pigtail to the coolant temp sensor? Are you thinking the engine is actually overheating or is it just saying it is? If it is actually overheating it should be pretty well hotter than normal under the hood. Ditto on replacing the fans unless they were tested and failed.
  9. I am not a fan of many 90s vehicles, even early 90s. Only what was left of the 70s was good in the 80s. There were many many ugly cars in the 80s, quite a few had trouble because of all the emissions crap they couldnt keep up with.
  10. Oh yeah. Know the feeling. For being so heavy they stay well on the road. It was 85 coupe deville. White with red landau from the quarter windows back
  11. Those are long gone.😞. Last one I had with that was a 85
  12. rockfangd

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    So it is saying it is hot but it is not. The only reason I can think of that it has in common with the AC is that there is more load which means more resistance in the cirvuits, and therefore a weak point will fail
  13. rockfangd

    The Rainsense story

    So my 97 D'Elegance wipers did not work when I bought it a few years ago. I mentioned it here but never got too far into it until today. There is obviously a history here from previous owner(s). Windshield was replaced by previous owner. The wrong windshield was installed(no rainsense module) Because of that the wipers did not work, or at least properly. Someone attempted to diagnose the problem and replaced the whole motor and cover. Going to assume that didnt resolve the issue. So someone decided to probe all the prongs in the 8 pin plug to the cover. So I bought and installed the rainsense module for the windshield last year or so. Wipers still didnt work. Found that white plug with all the prongs spread. Fixed them the best I could. Since then wipers worked but barely. They would stop and start, make funny noise, randomly stop all over the window. So I decided to replace the whole motor and cover. I did that today and found the rest of the problem. The 3 pin black plug to the motor had been probed also. all 3 prongs were spread like someone had stuck a tester in them. So between the 8 pin plug, and the 3 pin plug that means 8 pins with bad connection. I fixed and rechecked all pins. Installed the motor. Cleaned everything nicely. And voila. I now have perfect working wipers. The moral of the story is that whoever worked on it previously probably never even heard of rainsense wipers and when the window got replaced they never even noticed the missing module so they went right to the motor and caused more trouble. So happy I have working horns and wipers now lol
  14. There is just something about looking down a long hood to a nice ornament. Especially at night with the reflection
  15. Probably my carriers. I think they see fragile and think that means toss it around and poke holes in it. lol