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  1. Hello all, I just wanted to swing by and let you all know I was able to trade my 1997 Deville in for a new car over the weekend of 10/17/2015. I traded her in for a steep down grade, a 2015 Nissan Versa Note. I will miss the power of the Northstar V-8 but this little Versa will get me to my job of about 80 miles a day on way less fuel. I will one day own another Cadillac, but now is the time to save money. See you all soon! And best of luck to you all in the big V-8 sector.
  2. '97 DeVille Fuel gauge

    Thanks y'all for the assistance, I work for an Autozone, here in Colorado, and will be picking up some of that Techron to see if this will correct the issue. If not I'll take it to the guy that replaced the fuel pump back in '09 and see if he has any tricks he can use to make it work right. I did replace the front of the cluster out last year when the old one died (went full out) and it shows the correct mileage and everything but I may also need to take it in and see if there is anything else that needs to be done to it as well... I'll let you all know what happens!
  3. '97 DeVille Fuel gauge

    Hi all, so I have been having issues with the fuel gauge on my car. It is constantly reading full and I know it's not. The other night, I ran out of gas... Sad day I know. But I am not sure what would cause this to read full all the time. It does dip down every now and again. But I need to know if I can fix it or if I have to replace the fuel pump to get it to read right. Or is there a sequence I can run to make this thing work right? I know the fuel pump was replaced shortly after I bought it back in 2009 But I've never noticed it being wrong all the time until the other night when I ran out of gas. Anything I can do? Thank you all!
  4. Hey everyone, I am thinking of trading in my 1997 DeVille, for a 2008 DTS. Are there any big known issues on the 08 DTS's? I love my Cadillacs so this would be an upgrade for me. However, the DTS does have way many more miles than my 97 does. the DTS has roughly 192,000 on it and my DeVille has only 159,000on her. Like I said any big issues I need to look for when I go test drive the DTS? Thanks folks!
  5. Sounds like an easy thing to replace... I have the sensor in hand just not the time to do it since I am working two jobs now... I even went the length of trying to replace the Caddy on Monday and decided to keep her instead and make the repairs I need to make as the car is a nice a ride and still gets me where I need to go. I will take it to my mechanic when I have the time to do it. Not getting the flicker anymore and I am driving it more and further everyday... Crazy I know! Thank you all for your help on these issues!
  6. So it did flicker yesterday but as I pulled in the driveway it came on and stayed on. No stop engine message though. I will locate the sensor and pull the plug on it to see if it's just filled with oil or whatnot before I replace it though. I also have a quart of Modern Marvel in, so will there be any harm in adding the motor honey? Or should I replace the oil and add the Motor honey? She's got 51% oil life left but if I have to I can change it... I know this is probably not a good idea, but can I drive the car still with that light on?
  7. Grrrrrrrr....... Get one thing fixed and another decides to rear it's ugly head. So, I was sitting in traffic and the oil light came on. I pull over and check it, the oil is full. What can be causing this??? Could this be an oil pressure switch going bad? Jim thanks for the input on the other small issues! I will look into those as time permits now that I have this other issue going.
  8. Hey guys and gals! I am working on my Cadillac Deville, and have this code B2711 I know it's for the key pellet issue. I've replaced the key and still have the issue with the code. My local dealer wont tell me anything other than bring it in so they can fix it. I don't want to go that route, I want to fix it myself. Does anyone have any information on how to fix this without going the route of bypassing the system? I know that would be easier but I want it to be fixed and not have to worry about anything later on with the car and it not being able to start because of a blown circuit or anything like that. Also, I have a B0533 and a B2477 I know the fuel pump was replaced by a mechanic shortly after I bought it and I don't have any information on it other than it was replaced... Is there an easy fix for that? The B2477 refers to a short in the reverse relay, but I do not have to press the brake pedal to take the car out of park and I have been told that is the Neutral safety switch, does that make sense? If it is that switch where is it located? Thank you all!
  9. Fuse location 97 Deville

    Thank you so much for that info Jim! I now have to go buy a 20 amp fuse instead of the 10 amp fuses the dumb butt at Checkers sold me! Thank you thank you thank you!
  10. Fuse location 97 Deville

    Hi everyone! I am at a loss for where my little book went for my car and I need to know where the Fuse goes to the Trunk lid closer... It's not working right and I am hoping it's a Fuse and not the closer itself... Anyone have a quick idea of where I can locate this bad boy? Thank you all!!!
  11. '97 Deville shutting off on it's own

    It stalls out during idle, usually when slowing down from highway speeds or over 40 mph. I drove her tonight with the original set of keys and it threw that the car may not restart message but no other issues and it stayed running the entire time... I am at a complete loss lol not sure what is really going on with her. Thanks all!
  12. '97 Deville shutting off on it's own

    Jim that's the odd thing here. I have a new key that was made by a dealer and it works just fine, but it's throwing that code in there. The old key still works as well. Either way I am still getting that code, I wonder though if I use the old set of keys if it would still want to shut down? Might try that out tomorrow and see what happens from there. Thank you! What I really need to do is concentrate on one code at a time fix that issue and then move on to the next one...
  13. '97 Deville shutting off on it's own

    My fuel pump was replaced in 2010. Hoping it's not though because those are expensive little suckers! almost 700.00 to replace it
  14. '97 Deville shutting off on it's own

    Hey all, thank you all so much for your help. Where is the Fuel pump relay at? I have looked in my book and it's not listed anywhere. I haven't gotten out to do anything else to her except pull the codes from her. PCM P0101 Current PCM P0404 History PCM P1599 History IPC B2711 Current PZM B0533 History And that is all she is showing The P0101 (MAF Sensor code) shows only when the car is being driven and it shifts hard and sets that code. the P0404 is for the EGR valve that I need to get replaced. the P1599 is telling me the car has recently stalled. Could the IPC B2711 be causing the issue? I am getting the car mnay not restart message but I am not sure if this would have anyhting to do with it since it does restart right after.
  15. Hi all, I am having an issue with my baby. I noticed that it appears to happen when the car is warm, and going down the street she just dies. I used to attempt to get over to the side of the road but noticed that if I put her in Nueteral, and start her up se starts up just fine and is on her way for a little bit longer the only code that I am pulling is a P0101. Which is the MAF Sensor. I've not replaced this yet but am wondering what else you guys and gals might think is going on? It usually smells like burning oil when I get it home but I have checked it and it's full and I have not seen/noticed any leaks of oil. What are the thoughts on this before I go crazy and spend tons of money on this issue, or take it to Caddy and have them look into it... My mechanic also states that he's not able to "identify" the issue as well.