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  1. rgr that i'll give it a try and thank you. how do i use the onbord diagnostic?
  2. hey guys i was hopeing some one could help me out. my mother drove my caddy today and when she got back she informed me that the windows,locks and seats dont work lol. true enough she was right. the locks work when i use the keyless ebtry remote but not when useing the door panle buttons. the windows dont go up and down, the drivers seat will move forwards and lean back, but will not move backwards or any other direction. the auto set buttons on the door panel does nothing how ever when i cut the car off the seats ect retuen to there exit postion. im thinking a fuse has blown maybe but i dont know, any ideas in general and any idea wich fuse and or fuse baox i should look in? could it be a sensor or something? im not machanicly inclined in the least lol. Thank you in advance.
  3. hey guys, im woundering if i sould switch to synthtic oil. here is my situation. 2000 deville DHS, 62k miles,very slight oil leak some wear under the car not 100% sure wear, i normaly have to add about half a quart of oil about every 3k miles or so. iv had the car maybe 2 and a half years. it was a 1 owner car before i got it and from what i could tell it was treated fairly well. im not sure how the last owners did in regards to matanince but it runs great and cosmeticly its in very good shape for a 12 year old car so im thinking they kept up with every thing well enough. Im thinking of running mobil 1 or castrol synthtic "full syn not a blend". im just not so sure if thats a good idea or not do to the cars age, its only got 62 or 63k miles but again its 12 years old and im not sure if maybe thats to old as iv heard that sometimes the seals ect in older motrs cant handle the syn type oil and they start to leak. What do u guys recommend?
  4. oil additive

    i do use techron every 6 or so tank fill ups. i use seafoam in my montecarlo "now my mothers" but with my motor being so old "11 years" i figured despite the low miles the seals ect were prob a bit worn and i did not want to use the sea foam as i hear is stronger. i checked on that zzdp stuff, according to that site it says zzdp is only important to older cars pre 94 iirc. so i dont know if it would help with my motor?
  5. oil additive

    hey guys i have a quastion, my sister visted last week end and mentuned she uses lucas oil additive in her car "01 grand prix". says her father has used it sense he bought his truck and it has over 300k miles on the motor. wether thats true or not i dont know.Any way i thought i remember reading an artical on oil additives that said not to use them. but im not sure if its just my gold fish lv memmory playing tricks on me lol. Whats every ones stand on oil additives like lucas ect. iirc the artical i read was for slick 50 or something like that. it talked about the additive causeing tiny air bubbles to form in the oil giveing it a milky color and that was a bad thing. but again im not sure. What do u guys think, are additivs a good thing,shoud i be useing it? Just for the record i have a 00 deville dhs with 66k miles. I use castrol 5w30 dino oil. And i change my oil about every 3 to 6k miles.as close to 3k as i can.
  6. 2012 Model year

    you can bet the rich politicians will have a nice big car regardless. limos ect. i cant belave the deville/dts is no longer going to be made. first the town car now the deville. not every one is a under 6ft tall 170 pound and under person.
  7. G Force Chips

    yea this sounds to good to be true. then again iv seen massive incress in power ect with chiped desile trucks. but i think thats because the gov forces the car companies to tune there desiles for max emissions rather than power,restricts them a lot more than gas cars. after chiping and exhuast work my buddies f350 gained a LOT of power, id guess in the 50 to 100hp range .you could def feel the incres a lot but it did smoke kind of bad lol. if any one gets one of these and tries it def post your impressions!
  8. battery for a 2000 deville dhs?

    got my battery. its a duralast or something like that. it has the two little vents and all. 1000 cranking amps so it should be ok. 3yr warrenty. it was about 150$ after tax. i miss hwen i could just get a normal bat for like 60 bucks lol. i'll install in tomorrow. again thanks for the help guys
  9. battery for a 2000 deville dhs?

    ok thanks for the help guys. i called the autoparts store and they have one. its not ac delco but it has a 3 year warrenty and will do for now. when i bought the car it had a normal ever start bat in it bought in 05. i dont know how long its actually been in the car but hopefully it has not damaged any thing. i'll tell you though, i dont mean to bash but i hope who ever designed this thing gets kicked in the junk. bat under the frickn seat,need to pull the motor to work on the heads,oil pan gasket ect. this thing is a nice car and drives great but its def made for people that dont have to work on there own stuff...and have lots of $ lol. only thing iv liked is how easy the window regulators are to replace. any way thanks again guys you were super helpfull
  10. battery for a 2000 deville dhs?

    Thank you. any chance you could link me to an example? or is that what i ask for at the auto parts store?
  11. hey guy my battery died and i need a new one. i thought i remember reading some time ago that the devilles needed some type of special battery do to it being located under the seat. the one i pulled out today was bought at wallmart and was a normal car battery "i bought the car used" but i wanted to be sure i got the right kind.
  12. Tire Recommendations

    that price included mount,ballence,insurrance,disposal of old tiers,tax ect. its about what it cost me last year when i put them on my montecarlo. Any way im totaly depressed right now. i have brand new tires,a full tank of gas and a cool car ......and no ware to go lol. i have no life
  13. What Brand Tires Do You Have?

    goodyear assurance triple treads. i put a set on my 05 montecarlo a little over a year ago. loved them except for they were a bit noisey. not off road truck tire noisey but still. i just put a set on my deville today. this set is very quite. there an awsome tire. they ride good and grip like crazy, very sure footed feel to them. i cant imagine a better tire for wet weather. iv driven my monte threw lots of standing water at highway speeds and the goodyears never offer any thing but grip. the ones on my mote have id guess 20 maybe 30k miles and they seem to wear ok despite only being rotated once and i hardly ever check the psi. they have lost ...maybe a 1/4 inch of tread or less. Thats just a rough guess. Any way i like them.
  14. Tire Recommendations

    all right guys. i put on a set of the goodyear triple treads. my front drivers side tire got so bad i could not wait any longer. it was vibrating really bad. i think it had a bubble on it or something. any way they told me it would take 3 days to get in the Yoko's but they could have the goodyears in today. cost me 860 odd dollors with mount,ballence ect and all the insurrance stuff. 155$ a tire iirc, about 25$ more than was listed on there web site. i got them at discount tires. a bit more than i wanted to spend but its done. so far so good. they ride just fine and grip like a mo-fo lol. Car feels much more sure footed even when just crusing down the highway, it feels less wobbly and i can tell right away they are much better when takeing a curve or cornver enthusasticly .So far the tires are completly silent when iv the windows up but im sure they will get noiser as i stack on the miles but even still there MUCH quiter than the ones on my monte, prob because the caddy is a more solid built car and i hear less road noise ect as it is. Any way thanks for all the advice ect. i do appreciat it.
  15. Tire Recommendations

    Hey man...I'm not offended at all... I am the one running the Yokohamas Advan S 4... I have been very happy with the tires. They grip well and are pretty quite. But in the past... I have ran mostly Michelin and they have gave me excellent service. I am sorry you had a bad experience with them. The ones for your car are $100 bucks a tire cheaper than for my car. geeze, why such a huge price def? are you running 20+ inch rims or something?