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  1. Everytime I start the car the the DIC gives me the following warnings, Speed restricted to 90MPH, Replace brake pads. Both these items have been corrected. How do I remove them from the DIC?
  2. I've had two DIC warnings for 2 years and can't figure out how to delete them? Speed restricted to 90MPH , Replace Brake Pads. Both problems have been corrected for over a year. I have to remove them every time I start the car and I'm getting tired of that. I would appreciate some help. Thanks, Bob Culliton
  3. On my 2000 Seville i'm trying to remove my left rear door panel. The service manual says to remove the door lock,remove the screw on the early ones & late ones twist the lock counter clockwise. i'm about ready to cut it off. Can someone tell me how to remove the lock knob & the door panel to repair a window motor? Thanks, Bob Culliton
  4. After getting a "replace brake pads" on the dic, i replaced the rear pads, the front have 80% left. How do you turn off the replace brake pads the shows up every time you start the car? bculliton
  5. Car has 113k miles, never missed a beat, engine missing, check engine light flashing. Scanned it shows Default code D0002, Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Range/Performance. Can someone give me a clue what is wrong? Thanks, BC
  6. I have a 2000 Seville STS with a Northstar with 106K miles. Runs perfectly & produces advertised fuel economy. I do not know the maintenance history pyror to 90K. I've done fuel filter, brakes ,transmission service, alignment, mobil 1 oil all its life. Any suggestions on second 100k maintenance issues, what about additives, Zmax specifically. Thanks, Bob Culliton