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  1. So this Friday I have to change out on the Right side the CV HalfShaft, Hub assy and Rotor I have read dicussions about the Ball Joint and how I will have to seperate it, how does that work? here is what I can gather from what I have read. take out the cotter pin, unscrew the bolt, life out the shaft from the hole. It that right? Why do I need to do this? do I need a special tool? Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks I'll head to Auto Zone and do a check it thang
  3. Now that you say there is a difference it is more like canvas
  4. I got about a week ago a 98 Seville STS in Forest Green with a fake tan Convertible top. The top is is GREAT condition for being 10 years old. it does have some minor stitch failure but back on topic. What kind of claning product should I use on it? Vinyl Cleaner? would that be good enough and is there a protectant for it? Thanks in advance,