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  1. K&N CTS

    Hmm, those RWHP numbers seem liek a low baseline the stock CTS 3.6 So since the CTS is rated at 255hp that must mean there is a 20 % drivetrain loss if it is only putting 203 hp to the ground... EDIT I just realized you stated the above already, sorry LOL
  2. Traded my STS

    HELL YES! GTOs rock brother! I had the privilege of test driving one at a dealership (can't believe they let me do it either, because I was 17 at the TIME!!!) Anyway I got to drive a 2004 4-spd auto and that was one hell of a ride, I mean honestly I fell in love. It's a good thing I didn't test the 6-speed or else I would have done anything to have it lol
  3. Piggyback computer installed

    i go away for 3 months and you're in the process of setting up a turbo system for your car? BRAVO
  4. WOW LONG TIME NO POST!! since the caddy was wrecked I have been getting rid of all the little things i had laying around from the car and I honestly have no more use for these, might as well sell it to someone who needs 'em! $30 SHIPPED!!!!!!!
  5. for $25 + shipping you can have both the 1/18 STS and Updated Northstar Emblem!!!!!
  6. Guys, I need your help! PLEASE!

    You guys are horrible! LOL whats with the "if it aint GM it aint nothing" attitude
  7. Guys, I need your help! PLEASE!

    Okay so I replaced the fuel filter, and added some STP fuel cleaner just for the hell of it. I then went driving around flooring it every chance I got. Didn't run as rough as yesterday, but it eventually got to the point where it was 95% normal. Reason I say 95% is because it still idles a bit weird sometimes, it'll drop below normal idle for about a millisecond and jump back, pretty much fluctuating a bit, it really wasn’t consistent so I’m not totally worried about it at the moment. Thanks for all the help guys! Oh and for those who say to scrap the does in fact have mucho potential... My perf mod list...mainly focusing on suspension 3.73 rear axle gear ratio MAC CAI system 05 GT take-off dual exhaust FR C Sport springs 24mm GT rear sway bar CGS subframe connectors Future Bilstein struts/shocks Maximum Motorsports rear lower control arms 8.8 rear end axle with Auburn LSD I see supercharger in my future 8-)- maybe by then i can get an LS1 Camaro?
  8. Guys, I need your help! PLEASE!

    Welll unlike the our cadillacs, the the mustang responds well to simple mods such as the K&N filter, along with the steel intake piping it indeed does add HP. I plan to dyno prove this eventually.. In fact i felt an actual gain past 4k RPMs without any loss downlow. and when you get on it you can actually hear the rush of air coming thorugh the filter which is pretty cool, and cant forget that it also gives attitude to the exhaust tone. BUt anyway, I will replace the fuel filter today, and will once again clean the MAF...BTW I will always be a GM guy...My uncle offered me the car for $5,500, and it only had 34k doesnt ride nearly as nice but it handles well and goes quicker off the line than the STS...BUT HOW COULD I SAY NO TO SUCH A GOOD DEAL!
  9. A northstar swap we normally don't see.

    now that is just plain frigen' awesome
  10. Not the cadillac * Mustang** Shortly after cleaning my reusable air filter with the K&N recharge kit I started the car and it was almost as if it was going to die, that’s because there was just about no gas in the tank... I actually drove it with the gas light on empty for about I shut it off right away and I remember that I had some reserve gas from the Cadillac that was in a 1 gallon plastic tank. It's been sitting for awhile...I’d say more than 3 months maybe even longer. So anyway I dump everything (about a 1/4 tank) and I start it up...its starts up fine and I immediately drive to the gas station where I put in $13 buks of 87 into it. I drive 3 miles down to the local kraken and after leavening the store the car starts to hesitate, bog, you name if it was starving for fuel....I then took it home and thinking the MAF sensor might have gotten some oil from the filter I lightly degrease the MAF wire/ I let it dry for a couple of hours and so I install everything and it still runs like even got to the point where the car would almost stall but I wouldn't let it. I know this is a Cadillac forum but the guys over at the mustang boards aren’t very quick to respond…any advice is welcomed!!! sor of running out of ideas....maybe i ruined the fuel filter? Or should I drain the tank of gas? the check engine light was on at one point, but after removing the neg battery cable for 10 min and reinstalling it it went away...I'd like to take it to atozone so i can check for codes..but id rather nto risk stalling everywhere on the way....HELP!!! Oh I almost fogot the car is a 1999 Ford Mustang V6 manual
  11. ANYWAY $25.00 for the Northstar Emblem along with the 1:18 die cast 1998 Cadillac STS * does not include shipping*
  12. Yes it is an Anson, but the reason why you cant get on their site is because they were bought out by Welley. ANYWAY $25.00 for the Northstar Emblem along with the 1:18 die cast 1998 Cadillac STS * does not include shipping*
  13. ITs a 98 , dont think they ever made the 92-97 body style