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    The Cadillac Grill Iron is crafted with the same artful consideration and precision as our vehicles. The stainless-steel finish is designed to be heated over open flames. The sleek, black-lacquered wooden handle offers excellent comfort for any grillmaster. All in a stylish, go-anywhere tote. It’s the Cadillac of branding irons that provides the finishing touch on the Cadillac of steaks, the Cadillac of buns, the Cadillac of cutting boards, the Cadillac of your dreams. Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F6CZZZG/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B07F6CZZZG&linkCode=as2&tag=motorsport0e-20&linkId=feb28695a5648f19e7360dac90a055a2
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    Sounds like it's perfect for that Texas beef by you!
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    Jan Olsson

    Vacation with the V

    We are going to use the V a lot this summer. I use it as a daily driver, even in wintertime but this will be the first vacation use. First I'm going on a trip with my seven year old daughter (wife has to work) to celebrate my father’s 75th birthday. The celebration will be in a northern part of Sweden so I suppose that trip will be about a thousand miles. The second trip will be with my family down to Germany through Denmark (I'm allergic to ferries or rather against dents and scratches from other cars). We are going to the southern part of Germany (Berchtesgaden) and enjoy the scenery, probably visit the "eagles nest" and of course enjoy the V at speed on the autobahn! Hopefully I can convince my wife to ride on a museum small gage railway in a part called Harz. Very steep grades and tight curves on that railroad and they use ten-coupled steam locomotives, the most powerful in Germany with their 700 bhp. Not a Big-Boy with almost 7000 bhp, but a large power for a narrow gauge railway. After that it is probably time for new tires... I hope that you guys are enjoying your vacations!
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    Low gas mileage. Why?

    How did the plugs look when you changed them. Was the burn good (light tan/crème color); if they were grey, dark grey or blackened that should have given you an idea as to combustion (lean or rich). Just a thought; ignore, if answered and I missed it.
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    ;) no that's my shipper, in miami, there's gonna be other stuff there as well and than shipped as one, it's going to cost me about 400,- to get here, the 1500,- was just for sending it to miami, it's supposed to be about a 10th of that..
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    Low gas mileage. Why?

    I have connected a transparent PVC tube to the FPR and sucked the air providing around the same 20"Hg vacuum. There was vapor and there was no gasoline in the tube whatsoever. I think nothing is wrong with FPR. No symptoms of a bad FPR either.
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    Fuse problem with my Eldorado

    I second that. Check the fans. If they test good follow the harness from the bottom of the radiator support and see if it is chaffed or pinched anywhere. Does it instantly trip or as it warms up? Welcome to CaddyInfo forum
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    The XTS is the most similar to a 1996 STS. Look for a Platinum twin turbo model, which is also AWD. However, the normally aspirated 3.6L V6 at 304 hp has the power of a traditional V8. One of my favorite used car 'sweet spots' is a 410 hp CTS VSport Premium. I see a 2016 CTS VSport Premium with 30k miles in the local ads for $33.5K. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/still-like-new-cadillac-cts/6635644829.html
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    2002 ETC A/C Compressor Noise

    .020-.025 is where i set it. If the clutch is turning slow or rubbing when disengaged it needs adjusted.
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    5.3 swap in cts coupe

    will do I have a few ideas how to get that all going but will update you when I start and complete the project
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    To you guys maybe it's crazy $$'s, but for here it's not so bad really, i think by the time the new engine is in, the car will cost me roughly $ 12.000,- but than it's next to new and in fact i'll be driving a car that is next to unique in my country with a showroom price of roughly $ 150.000,- I know it's hard for you guys to imagine but that's what the newprice was her, including our crazy tax system... For the same money I could buy here a crappy any imigrant driven beat up mercedes or something of the sort with parts that actually kill you when you have to buy them (a merc headlamp kit (one!) will easilly set you back about $ 700,- I bought a brand new light for the DTS @ rockauto and it was sitting here including transport and tax for just under $150,-... Friend of mine has a 2006 Merc ML had problem with his air suspension, set him back almost $ 4000,- for a pump, computer and shocks.. I'm very sure Norm's gear basically does the same as Jake's, but i'm waaaaaaaay past that station, the block is done for, period, they probably exchanged the block sometime before I bought it and I think it's done probably 300k miles plus, no headbolt is going to fix that and there is simply no junkyard engine available here or anywhere near... Well i'm lying, i did get an offer for a 130k miles block with a blown hg with the wrong vin number for 'only' $ 3000,- but the guy would than fix it for it me, didnt even ask how he would do that, since he stated he had done 10 northstars already 'and only 2 of them blew up after he worked on them'.. So really I dont mind waiting a bit more for brand new engine for $ 3500,- doesnt sound to crazy does it?
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    I am sure all will be fine, it is just not right that you have had to wait so long.
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    Yes, if you look at it this way, indeed it has been 7 months and that's actually quite long Hopefully i'll be recieving the good news shortly, i'll keep you posted!
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    So this has been since November?, we are talking 7 months since you paid him in full?, you are a patient man. I understand opening a new shop takes a lot of time, effort and capital, but 7 months?. That rusty Aurora problem has nothing to do with this, that was quite a long time ago now, I recall speaking with Jake about it its water under the bridge with an owner that is trying to take Jake for a ride, but unless I have the facts wrong, Jake shouldn't be responsible, the owner if I recall claimed the Aurora rusted while it was in Jake's possession, I guess the question is, how long was it in Jakes possession? I personally would not advertise and discuss those types of issues on social media, as they will get discussed. Your transaction needs to be resolved, your car is sitting at the shop, collecting dust and corroding?, I recommended you to Jake and that puts my reputation at risk. Maybe he saw huge problems coming and that is why Jake told me around January to let him know if I saw anything negative about him and to let him know. I have done that in the past for him. He has not been to this forum (I have paged him at least once on another issue) and he has not popped in, but he is quick to pop into the FB groups looking for new work or to sell studs. He has sort of cooled to me since we had a discussion here that led to a disagreement regarding his PCM modifications, that got so heated, he demanded the thread was deleted. I don't think he understood my point of view, nor do I think it was resolved fully between us. He failed to see my perspective on the HP issue, that came directly from a GM Northstar design engineer, The Guru. The design engineers position that there was no easily attainable HP to be had, and that thought kept ringing in my head, it was not logical that Jake found +50 HP, The Guru knew what the engine was capable of but was set FIRM that there was no additional HP to be had. This is especially true when Mark's turbocharged Seville was rolled into the equation, Mark worked closely with The Guru (over the phone) and I carefully monitored Mark's progress and extreme difficulties attempting to modify the PCM to this day I can call Mark and talk. Given that I have been around this board since 1995 or so through its many iterations and spent a lot of time with The Guru, I have perspective that few have (the long timers here benefitted from The Guru's daily visits here). If I recall during the disagreement, Jake marginalized The Guru, not a good thing to do. I won't be recommending him again until he resolves this, there is no excuse for this, if he is unable to ship overseas, don't take the work. I have gone to bat for him repeatedly for 10 years and recommended him constantly and he knows that. He can not ignore current business to open new shops, he still has his old shop. Very disappointing. I am very sorry, had I known this would go on for 7 months, I would never have hooked you up. I have relationships with scrap yards and could have had a good engine shipped to you (I shipped a 4.9 around 2002 to Amsterdam via DHL), I have done it many times before. If you need anything, let me know.