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    The ongoing Deville thread

    I figured out the pics. Hope it works
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    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    95-99 IIRC The 3 part one I have seen hit or miss. Up to around 97. That is the one my 96 had. It sure seemed to be original on mine. Both of my 97s have the 1 part motor.
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    Cadillac Deville crank but no start

    Ok tried fuse jumper.. car started a few times but died quickly, within seconds. Checked fuel pressure. It was at zero. Put test light on connectors at fuel pump. I had power going to both connectors. I reinstalled old fuel pump at pressure shot up to 38 PSI just like before. Still wouldn't start. Just cranked. Sprayed ether in the intake and still it would start. Last time I had checked spark I was getting blue spark but I only checked on the front bank. Back bank looked like a pain in the but to get too. The new fuel pump was brand new AC Delco. Seems to be defective. Also wasn't sure on orientation of fuel pump relay so I plugged in to the left side one time and then into right side of relay ports. Right side blew fuse immediately. Whatever that means.