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  3. I would not think so. The Regal is on the e2xx (epsilon) front engine / fwd or awd platform while I suppose CT4 will still be on Alpha front engine / rear drive or awd platform. They have shared corporate powertrains but I think Cadillac wants unique powertrains again.
  4. I'm also wondering whether the CT4 (ATS & CTS replacement) will be twins or cousins to the new Buick Regal. The upcoming Buick Regal GT looks very good (it uses the corporate V-6: 3.6 liter) that the Cadillacs currently uses. The regular (new) Regal hatch, and the Regal Tour X to me is a station wagon but uses a turbo-4. There is still some room for proper sedans, so if the new Caddy and Buick bring the goods they may do okay in sales. I believe Cadillac is also in development of an XT6, but as with the XT4, somewhat late.
  5. I think the XT4 is about 2 years late to market, considering the ingredients are all off the shelf. Once the ATS didn’t make sales targets all the other sedans followed and it became clear low gas prices pushed the market back to trucks & SUVs. It would have been great to have the XT4 two years ago instead of next year.
  6. As the article suggested, Johan needs to pay a little more attention to the U.S. While global sales are up, in this case global mostly means China, and that is kind of all your eggs in one basket. The XT4 needs to be a hit (for the U.S.) in my opinion, and when the ATS and the CTS are replaced with the CT4 (I believe), that needs solid sales figure as well. Granted Johan has only been at the helm for 3 1/2 years but very shortly the honeymoon will be over and his decisions will be fully his own shortly. p.s. the video on the CT6's SuperCruise was pretty entertaining, and at least in the demonstration, looked promising.
  7. Although de Nysschen has been at Cadillac for just under 3.5 years (he joined in August 2014), the recently released numbers of Cadillac global sales seem as though the company has been energized — in China.Not so much in the U.S. Read more:
  8. Should work just fine. Any of the E/K platform should work ok. I have done tons of them. From all kinds of years. I might add that if it was replaced with a aftermarket it may be different Welcome to Caddyinfo forum
  9. Hey guys. I'm looking at picking up a 1994 Eldo Touring Coupe this weekend, and the power antenna needs replaced. Will one from a 1996 and up work, or do I need one from 92-95? Thanks in advance
  10. Today Maven is making car sharing easier for Torontonians by giving them a smart, simple way to reserve a car when they need one. They can quickly and easily sign up to use Maven City roundtrip car sharing for hanging out with friends in Dundas West, brunching in Leslieville or escaping the city in Prince Edward County or cottage country. View the full article
  11. Today Maven is making car sharing easier for Torontonians by giving them a smart, simple way to reserve a car when they need one. They can quickly and easily sign up to use Maven City roundtrip car sharing for hanging out with friends in Dundas West, brunching in Leslieville or escaping the city in Prince Edward County or cottage country. View the full article
  12. GM Korea Company (GM Korea) announced today that it will cease production and close its Gunsan plant by the end of May 2018. The Gunsan facility has been increasingly underutilized, running at about 20 percent of capacity over the past three years, making continued operations unsustainable. View the full article
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  14. I have a 97 Cadillac Eldorado and started having overheating issues about a month ago I found out what was causing it to overheat. The Purge line was plugged up so I unplugged it put new coolant in and got on the highway and it overheated again , after a few days of trying to figure out what was causing it to overheat I realized that the fans weren't coming on. I pulled the fans out to test them and they tested good, tested the relays and all of those were good, checked the fuse and it's good what else could be the problem
  15. Battery revisited 2006 DTS

    Update: first, thanks to all that have replied and participated. After doing a lot of research into how the battery charging operation works in this car, in my last post on Dec 28 I mentioned that I was thinking that the problem is that Lady just doesn't drive the car often or long enough. I explained my theory to her, and showed her to monitor the battery voltage on the dash display. We leave the display setting to show the battery voltage all the time. Since Dec, she does watch the voltage reading, and drives it often enough to allow the voltage to drop down to 12.x or 13.x volts, which is where it should be the battery is in a good state of charge. Since her work place is so close to her house, and the speed limit is so low during the drive, she sometimes has to just drive around a few miles from time to time when it needs it. When the voltage display reads mid-to-high 14 volts or higher (if it reaches the 15 volt range, it definitely needs to be driven a while, and/or the battery put on a charger) then she drives it around until it drops back to normal range. Although it's been a while now, and there is not been another "no start" issue, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that an intermittent problem still doesn't crop back up. But after learning how the charging works on this model car, i fell pretty confident.
  16. My 2002 ETC's seat memory doesn't work. It puts the seat in random positions, both for driving and for the exit function. It is intermittent. Sometimes works correctly for a few days or weeks, sometimes less. It doesn't move the seat when I'm driving, though. Codes are: RFA 1064 MSM - all of them it seems - about 6 I think. Is there a way to diagnose and fix this?
  17. Power window control problem

    First aid is to spray WD40 down into the switches using the little red tube. Manipulate each switch as you spray. Do it alot. I've fixed several window switches this way.
  18. Saturday listen-along with @ShoshanaBean new Spectrum #albumoftheweek

  19. Cadillac supposedly built just 302 V-12s for the 1931 model year, four of which still remain on the road according to BaT. The car came about in response to other luxury manufacturers experimenting with multi-cylinder engines. Cadillac initially decided to build two cars with this style, the top-tier 452A (denoting engine displacement) V-16 and the "more affordable" 370A V-12.
  20. RT @BremboBrakes: BremboBrakes chronicled braking @IMSA @Rolex24Hours race in 20,000+ still photos put to video to celebrate STOPPING all t…

  21. I was very lucky to have someone email me the LOADING.KWI file. I burnt it to a CD-RW and it worked. I know that most folks won't care about the original Denso Nav Radio, but if you have an original Seville/DeVIlle and want to keep it that way the Nav Radio's weakness is that if ever the car's battery is disconnected for long enough, there's the risk that the radio's back-up battery will discharge (these batteries are now about 15 year-old, so even more prone to failure now). If the Nav radio's battery fails, the radio loses its software and then you don't have a working radio/CD/Nav anymore. It's bricked. It's funny how up to maybe 3-4 years ago there were so many threads about this. People were begging for copies of the software to get their radios to work again. I posted this info on the 'other' Cadillac form, offering to make the software file a sticky, and nobody was interested! Everyone must have aftermarket radios now instead of the Nav radio.
  22. More XT4

    Meanwhile, the XT4 will be unveiled at Cadillac House, the automaker’s Manhattan headquarters, on March 27, just ahead of New York Auto Show press days.
  23. Missing my Caddys

    I agree, its hard to put a nice looking Caddy out here in this salt and slush, no matter how old it is! My '03 doesn't have a speck of rust on it, and I try to wash it as often as possible to keep the crud off. I do miss my little Audi A4 Quattro for winter traction though... It was unstoppable in deep stuff, where my SLS just crawls though it that thing would be chewing it up and spitting it out!
  24. While continuous increases in sales (worldwide) is healthy to the company, Cadillac needs to try to bolster sales here at home; don't forget us domestics. I know new models are on the way but seemingly new releases has been slow in coming IMO. XT4 coming, and supposedly 6 new releases every six months (here-after).
  25. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today declared a first quarter 2018 dividend of 38 cents per outstanding share of common stock. The dividend is payable Friday, March 23, 2018 to all common shareholders of record at the close of business on Friday, March 9, 2018. View the full article
  26. Cadillac sold 31,330 units globally in January 2018 — an increase of 5.2 percent from the same period last year — marking the 20th consecutive month of global sales growth for the brand. Sales were spurred largely by consumer demand for the XT5 luxury crossover, which remains Cadillac’s top-selling product with a total of 12,113 units delivered worldwide thus far in 2018. View the full article
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