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I've been looking for a source for a service manual and haven't had much luck...any suggestions?

Is this the one I would want...:  Helm/GM Service Manual

..or ....?



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Share on other sites is (was) the source for original dealer manuals. 

Printed service manuals are kind of going the way of the buggy whip. You can get full online access to all GM service info for $20 for 3 days access. Same thing the dealers use. 

Added bonus is access to up-to-date service bulletins.

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Logan, I took a look at the site you linked, and before I drop any change on this:

When subscribing to the 3-day option for $20, are you able to download or print out the info to keep as a reference?

Are you limited in the amount you can download in the 3 day period?

Are there any limitation to this 3-day membership (is it a tease?)

...also I will make a separate post regarding a Chilton library I found online. Maybe it will help others...or not.

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Share on other sites's really not a teaser. You pretty much get full access for 3 days. 

I think module programming files cost extra. But you don't have the equipment to do that anyway.

You are not limited to one car during the 3 days. So you can look up your Cadillac info and also look up info for your neighbors Buick. Info covers ALL GM vehicles back to at least 1998. Cadillac...Saturn...Hummer....all the info is there. All systems...Powertrain, ABS, air bag, suspension etc.  Just like if you were a GM dealer. 

Print all you want. 

Current up-to-date technical service bulletin info. 

I no longer buy GM service manuals or DVDs. If there is some GM info I need I just pony up the $20. It should be noted current GM employees can get free access using their GMID. But not thru the AC Delco site. 

The Helm Inc printed service manual business model is obsolete...just like phone books and classified ads in newspapers. 






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I was hoping that there would be more of a market for the old printed service manuals on the second-hand market since they have been replaced by 22" monitors... where did all the paper manuals end up? Gotta be a big old cave in Iron Mountain keeping them safe till after the Aliens and the firefight....

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They went to Area-52 




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