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Putting a 1968 engine in my 1972 Deville.
Can I get rid of the Speed Control Switch vacuum solenoid mounted on the intake manifold and just let the Contact from the wiring harness hang loos?

Also a sensor in the air filter box, can I ignore this sensor to?

Ore should I just connect everything as a 1972?

Would there be any difference regarding engine performance?

A.I.R not in use, has never been.

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I would try to use everything from the 1972 with just the metal from the 1968. Mix-and-match sensors and electronics can be a headache.

Will the intake manifold from your 1972 go on the 1968 engine?

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I have done so, it is conected like a -72.
No A.I.R-pump conected thou, have never been as long as I have had the car.

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