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  1. HI

    A few years ago you posted with a no-start conditions with PCM U1152 and RFA U1064.  I have those codes.  Did you ever figure out what caused those and what to do about them?



    1. rockfangd



      Last year I had a intermittent no start on my 97 Deville.

      Problem was the main battery cable from the battery to the driver side electrical center. It had been spliced and it rotted.

      those 2 codes you showed should not cause a no start condition if I am reading them right.

      Is it a no crank no start, or does it crank but not fire?

      What year and model?

    2. coolnesss


      It starts, but I'm getting weird electrical stuff happening.  Seat controls are wonky, I can't get it through smog check, and I was wondering if that combination, which I have, was causing the same problem you had.  

      Thanks for your reply!


  2. I'm getting a host of what I think are electrical codes on my 2002 ETC. The seat position memory works intermittently and weird, and has been bad since I bought the car with 28,000 miles in 2009. It has 80k now. By weird I mean that sometimes it works, sometime the seat moves all the way forward; sometimes when I get back in the car the seatback is reclined all the way. It's random and intermittent. There's no logic or consistency. I'm getting a PCM 0741 code intermittently, however I've never noticed anything wonky with the torque converter from driving the car. And I drive fast and aggressively. I'm also getting a PCM 0420 regularly, although I had the catalytic converter replaced a couple of years ago, and it was a good converter. Here's the codes it threw yesterday: PCM P1545 current (didn't light up the service engine soon light)U1152 HistoryACM B1348 is current after reset. In fact, the A/C gas was low and I just got that fixed. But I've also gotten the clutch code, even though the compressor is about 4 months old.SDM B1327 historyRFA U1064 historyMSM B2115 historyB2118 historyB2119 historyB0856 historyB1983 historyB1656 history So, my question is whether the constellation of codes indicates there is a fundamental electrical problem with the car. I can't get it to pass smog, and I wonder if some like the clutch converter code and the loss of signal for the PCM can be electrical. HELP!
  3. Gentlemen, THANKS for all of this. It can't hurt to replace the freon sensor, so I'll do that. Kevin, the mechanic isn't charging me like that - he's honest but not the most knowledgable mechanic in the world, but I can depend on what he says, and when he says he doesn't know - which is what brought me here about this. The gas has been leak tested. It's not leaking - it's full. He did evacuate it and weigh what was in there. Can I test the voltage output of the battery by attaching multi-meter leads to the respective battery posts during cranking? The cranking has seemed to me to be slow for quite a while, but I took it to a regulation competent shop; they tested it with a fancy tester and said the battery and charging system is good. The cranking hasn't changed since then. I'll clean the cable ends and see what happens. Hmmmm.
  4. I have a 2002 ETC. 86k miles. I was getting ACM 1347 and the A/C turned itself off. I took it to the mechanic, and he recharged it and it worked for a few days, and then the code came back and turned off. The mechanic tested it, and the system is full and has the right pressures. Then after driving it a few days, I got ACM 1348, and it turned off. With the 1347 I was able to clear the code and the system worked perfectly for awhile. Mechanic says I need a sensor - does this make sense? And, if so, which sensor? He's not sure which sensor it needs. I don't expect it matters, but in case it does: I have multiple electric system codes - MSM B2115 history, MSM B2118 and B2119 history, MSM B1656 history, SDM 1327 history, RFA U1064 history, and recently, after the A/C thing started TCS 1286 and 1287 history, and just for fun PCM 0420. The 0420 goes away for awhile when I clear the code, finally comes back. THANKS.
  5. I have to replace the front struts on my 2002 ETC Eldorado with 85k miles. I like the ride to be right. Is there much percentage in purchasing new front springs? And the car's height is fine. THANKS in advance.
  6. For the dash vents - WD-40. Works great on stuff like that.
  7. I'm putting new front shocks on a 2002 ETC. 80k miles. I decided not to use factory struts, so its a conversation to passive. Arnott advertises that their system is plug-in. Monroe apparently needs some fooling with. And, Monroe includes springs with the kit, whereas Arnott doesn't seem to. But, what concerns me more is - What is the difference in ride character between the two brands? I should get springs, right, if I order the Arnott struts? THANKS!
  8. I need a new rack and pinion, and my mechanic wants to know whether it gets removed and replaced horizontally, meaning it comes out and goes back in laterally, or vertically, meaning gets dropped down, and lifted up. He works from home and doesn't have a hoist, so, if it's a vertical job, then he can't do it and I have to find someone, which I don't really want to - I trust this guy. He's not the greatest mechanic, but, he's honest and capable. THANKS!
  9. Thanks, Gents. I like cars that don't' cost a fortune to keep running, and I probably would have heard some complaints here if it were one of those. I'm gonna start a separate fund and get me one! But, YIKES, they cost the earth!
  10. The dog bones have a few thousand miles of use, and have play in them. The bracket where they mount is a little wider than the dogbones, and there's a few millimeters of lateral play in each one. Should that be the case? Am I missing spacers or something?
  11. I'm re-upping this question. I wrote it originally 9 years ago and someone suggested it be revisited in 10 years, so, here it is. I saw a beauty parked the other day, and I started salivating. What's the skinny?
  12. Thanks, Cadillac Jim!!!!!! Ordered. I didn't know about GM Parts Online.
  13. I need an "outer seat panel", which is the plastic panel that you see when you open the driver's door; it hugs the side of the lower seat and wraps around the front. It's the panel that the switches are mounted on. GM Part Number 16803407 Mine broke. It's obsolete, and none of the parts places I've checked online seems to have it. Does anyone know of a parts house that has "recent" NOS parts? I want to avoid a junkyard because it's a part subject to wear, and I'd rather have a new one. Then I'll have to lose some weight so I don't break the new one too. Thanks!
  14. The shudder is low-frequency, harsh, and present only when the car is barely moving or if you turn the wheel while it's stopped. It's not machine-gun speed, for instance - and its intermittent, but getting more frequent. The shudder was observed by my mechanic standing outside of the car watching while I turned the wheel and made it happen. It has 80k miles, but every day I have to turn around in a lock-to-lock situation, and we live in the hills, and the roads here are harsh. It has a new right tie rod end, and both sides new sway bar links. Thanks for this input, Gents!