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  1. I agree; many people don't actually test before/after so you never know if they worked hard to slow the car down.
  2. Are you sure that one was tuned well, was running well? But yes the supercharged CTS-Vs have the hp edge.
  3. NEW YORK -- Starting this fall, the Cadillac CT6 will be ready to drive itself. But it's not ready to let you catch up on sleep, lose yourself in a mystery novel or enjoy a four-course breakfast during the morning commute. Read more:
  4. User interface design is hard, but we’ve been getting better at it over the years to the point where even a thermostat is easy to use. Automakers, however, seem to have their heads in the sand, taking their design inspiration for their infotainment consoles from old Winamp skins instead of any type of modern interface. Read More: The author does not seem to answer his title question; I believe that Apple Carplay or Android Auto are the right answer. I mostly want the car to use my iphone or ipad to channel entertainment or navigation or text messaging. Yes i want it to work even if my phone is not present for most functions, but if my phone is plugged in I only need the entertainment in the Cadillac to act as an interface and speakers for the phone.
  5. Three teenagers were in court Thursday for allegedly carjacking a man’s Cadillac in Lakewood, which OnStar then disabled. Pierce County prosecutors said the boys beat up the man and stole the car April 14. Police found them later at a DuPont gas station and they were taken into custody. Read more here: Read More:
  6. Established in 1948, General Motors Venezolana (GMV), the oldest and most traditional automaker in the country, and market leader for more than 35 consecutive years, is forced to cease operations in Venezuela due to an illegal judicial seizure of its assets. View the full article
  7. Dane Cameron's wall-moving crash at Long Beach has required the Action Express Racing team to ready a new Cadillac DPi-V.R chassis for the upcoming IMSA race at Circuit of The Americas. Extensive damage to the underlying Dallara tub and numerous components in the engine bay necessitated the switch to a spare chassis, and according to AXR team manager Gary Nelson, assembly of the new No. 31 Cadillac for Cameron and fellow WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Prototype title winner Eric Curran is almost complete. Read More:
  8. RT @SeanRLoh: We are going to wrap up #Motorama LIVE a bit early tonight as the beach is calling my name! Stop by next week for our regular…

  9. Driving the ATS feels like doing open heart surgery. If the scalpel is your steering wheel, the road is your patient. Like a surgeon making precise cuts, the ATS is nimble and precise. The steering is weighted properly and handles with oversteer. Throttle response, steering and suspension stiffen up tremendously in sport mode giving the car a tight, racy feel. At highway speed, steering is smooth and precise. There was not an ounce of body roll and at no time did I feel like I was even remotely out of control. Read more:
  10. Learn to drive your V-Series Cadillac on the track at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club for free (for 2017 V owners)
  11. @CreateaRichLife sorry no tweeting while driving. I would say a combo of experiential and social media discussions

  12. Welcome That part is still available new; why would you choose to rebuild?
  13. Vibration starts at 30ish and subsides when?
  14. Interesting. I assume you are changing the fuel sender unit each time. How many miles are you getting from each sender? Are you also changing the fuel filter? Are you using major name brand gas? I would suspect there is some sediment, rust, dirt, or debris killing the senders.
  15. Nice detailed report. There have been a few discussions on how the keys or tumbler can be come worn over time, but WD40 can be used to attempt to clean the inside of the tumbler -- coat the key, insert, wipe, coat, insert, wipe. Sometimes mechanics are funny -- they observe that a used car is not new and suggest replacement of all parts until the 'used' condition is cured!
  16. I’ve been racing for a while now, and one thing I’ve learned is that everyone, during the course of a season, will have a bad weekend. To all of my friends and fans, to those fans of Cadillac of southern California, I’m sorry Long Beach was ours.
  17. RT @TheXSivDon: Thats a good lookin shirt!

  18. Just got my 2017 Forum Shirt in and had to get it on. This was the first Design I have commissioned from a new Designer, and I think it turned out well. These can be ordered from our Family store, Regional Uniform & Supply, in your size and a selection of colors. Product link in the store name above. Post up a picture of you in the shirt in the Caddyinfo forum topic on the new shirt when it arrives! View the full article
  19. The sprint racing format is unforgiving but that's part of the game.
  20. maybe! I like those ideas. I got my shirt in today and popped it on for dog walking. Sorry no models available to model. It (not I) looks great in person.
  21. good luck w sale; ads like this are welcome. I moved it to the forsale section and left a link
  22. yay nice.