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  1. Love a good gift? Get this now! Propper™ Men's Canvas Tactical Pant

  2. General Motors has contributed $5 million to The Henry Ford, it was announced today by Patricia Mooradian, President and CEO of The Henry Ford. View the full article
  3. Welcome; yes the PCM/ECM failing internal check is usually a replace the PCM/ECM issue. However, certainly I would check the connections to the PCM/ECM. Also apparently re-flashing the PCM can occasionally correct this. What were the symptoms that led to replacing the pedal assembly and throttle body?
  4. @enleeten Yes, one could call it ‘Arrest Me Red’ but I like that #Cadillac offers some bold choices.

  5. Welcome to CaddyInfo. What type of problems are surfacing?
  6. where i am now 3 by sonya-jevette #np on #SoundCloud @SonyaJevette

  7. Oil change and New Cadillacs

  8. Saturday I had a fun visit to Crest Cadillac . My 2016 Cadillac ATS-V had contacted Crest via Onstar and the called to schedule my appointment. While I waited I had a lovely breakfast burrito, then wandered out to see the new Cadillacs. Gorgeous blue CTS-V with blacked out highlights The CT6 TT 3L would be a great choice for a full size Cadillac. I was glad to see the Crest milkion dollar wash had no impact on my Caddyinfo site decal. View the full article
  9. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) is appointing Pamela Fletcher, who led the team that successfully launched the Chevrolet Bolt EV and created the plan to accelerate us along the pathway to our vision of a zero emissions world, to the newly created position of vice president, Global Electric Vehicle Programs. View the full article
  10. Can you decribe the symptom a different way? Cadillacs often have a retained power feature. This works by letting the radio continue to play or other accessories until you open the door to get out. That way. If you simply stop the car but want to finish the current song you can.
  11. Glad you found out more about the real issue (and added oil!)
  12. 😍 One of the favourites in my store : 5.11 TACTICAL 1/4 Zip Job Shirt Uniform

  13. General Motors Co (NYSE: GM) announced today it acquired LIDAR technology company Strobe, Inc. As part of the deal, Strobe’s engineering talent joins GM’s Cruise Automation team to define and develop next-generation LIDAR solutions for self-driving vehicles. View the full article
  14. Still looking good at month 3, after million dollar wash at Crest Cadillac
  15. Braselton, Ga., Cadillac V-Performance racing team Konica Minolta Cadillac retired from today's IMSA WeatherTech Championship Motul Petit Le Mans just over two-hours in, but accumulated enough run time to win the DPi drivers and team championships for 2017. The Mustang Sampling Cadillac closed the year as the Tequila Patrón North American Endurance Cup (TPNAEC) champions and Cadillac was crowned manufacturer champ. View the full article