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  1. Including CT6 and XTS
  2. @Göran W. Did you figure this out yet?
  3. I have not driven it yet because when I see him there are no symptoms but my friends 95 Eldorado I am told gets to a speed and from his description the RPMs surge like its slipping I took that to mean it freewheels. There is a difference between slipping and freewheeling, where the gear's limit has been reached and RPMS increase dramatically from that point because a shift didn't occur. Can a bad shift solenoid cause this symptom? He had the shift solenoids replaced about 7 years ago. If I recall the solenoids were redesigned with a bracket to limit the cracking potential. When he was in the hospital about 6 months ago, his wife had me check the tranny fluid because she said the tranny was "slipping". The fluid level was fine and I didn't detect slipping at all. The "slipping" is back at least intermittantly. I have assumed it IS shift solenoids as it is intermittent for the time being. I checked codes and don't see anything related to tranny. I don't know if shift solenoids produce a code in 95 (OBD1) I have not experienced bad shift solenoids or slipping of the tranny, so this is new to me. I am reluctant to do this job because we have had a few members have it turn into a bigger problem with NO drive at all. I understand there are check balls that must be placed properly. I have a dedicated tranny manual I need to refer to. Any ideas or experience with shift solenoid (especially pre-96) symptoms appreciated, thx
  4. The PCM should "see" the fans drawing current, does that make sense? Have you tried putting 12 volts directly to each fan to see if they run? Be sure to disconnect the connector when you apply voltage to the fan. By the way, for $50 Jake from NP can mod the PCM to turn the fans on earlier! I like that idea.
  5. @OldCadTech what schematic does he need?
  6. See this thread it may be helpful,.it is also a P1660
  7. CadillacJim covered the Photobucket issue here
  8. Yep, photobucket is history. I need to download all my photos and close my account i have no use for it now and $400 a year is outrageous
  9. It sounds like you are making progress. Do you have the wiring diagram? Look for slices, they corrode sometimes. If the circuit is fed by a common fuse check fuse for continuitity and for power at the fuse. Keep following the circuit back. Do you have the manual? The manual. Tells you where specific splices and grounds are exactly. By following back the circuit to its origin you should find the problem. I'm going to keep an eye on this one if you need help or diagrams or or locations of joints common connections or splices let us know I actually have a library that has all the wiring diagrams if I can't get it online Make long leads for your ohm meter and keep checking continuity between points to confirm there is no break in the wire. I had a 95 Eldorado friend's car last year with turn signal problems brake light problems and parking light problems it was disaster the problem the interesting thing about it was it was multiple problems and bad grounds in multiple locations and a bad splice it was confusing because there was no commonality to the problems but I will tell you this high resistance in a circuit will cause odd things to occur elsewhere I had three bulbs in the rear light assembling that we're causing a high resistance condition which caused problems with the IPC. Always look for commonality in grounds power it will help diagnose the problem
  10. We had a member from Germany do the conversion and he DID inquire about the valve seats!!
  11. @babylon_nl I contacted Jake, he will be in touch with you shortly
  12. @Mikemt68 Glad the photo led to a solution and KHEs sharp eye picked up on the problem. KHE is our resident AC guy, I didn't even look at the photo, I was just happy to get it up here. When KHE saw where the wire goes, I thought to myself, how did I miss that? Haha.... because I didn't actually look at the photo, I was being obedient and posting the photo! And @OldCadTech reaches the 100 like threshold!
  13. Ok here you go Mike @Mikemt68
  14. Email the photo to me if you want and Ill post it here for you, I PMd my email address.
  15. Check ignition wire order, make sure the wires are seated on the plugs and not on their sides Did you replace the intake manifold seals and what was their condition? What codes are you getting?
  16. Air Ride sagging

    So when its loaded with weight what happens?
  17. P1189

    It may just need a tune up, plugs, wires, there could be corrosion at the coils where the ignition wires connect, water can leak an get the area wet
  18. @Jeffery thank you for the update
  19. P1189

    Ok I see it, 99, I needed to go into her profile
  20. P1189

    Thanks I dont get that info on the android app. What year is it?
  21. P1189

    What year car is this? Sounds like a coil pack 2000/01