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  1. update, Murphy's Law !

  2. Very odd that you didn't find anything. How did the alternator feel? Pay close attention to the AC compressor
  3. Buy a Balkamp block tester from NAPA it is $47. Follow the directions and do the test. The kit works very good and I have had mine for many years and did many tests.
  4. When my 02 Monte had a clogged cat, it had a P0420.
  5. Yes, P0420 catalyst system low efficiency You can check for car backpressure with this it screws into the o2 sensor port
  6. Looks like a beauty! Welcome back!
  7. @BravoSierra I edited the post above please re-read. New Galaxy S7 likes to change spelling to the wrong words
  8. Did you spin the A.C. hub? Key off! Have someone hold the breaker bar, someone you trust not to slip or let go and grab the hub with both hands and see if it rocks or has play. When that bearing begins to go bad it will cock and bind on the compressor itself. Look under the hood for a belt diagram. Take the belt off altogether, don't replace it yet until you find the problem as you could damage the new belt. Don't remove it unless there is a diagram, there should be one. When you install it start from the bottom and work up being sure that belt is in the pulley grooves. Use a broom stick cut to 4 feet to guide it onto the crank pulley. When the belt is off check each pulley for looseness,.roughness, binding. Check A.C. and alternator, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, air pump if you have one, steering, etc. If you want to listen, use a 3/4 inch hose about 3 feet long and carefully, CAREFULLY, place the end of the hose near every moving pulley and the other end by your ear. Work slow and safe, stay clear of moving parts, no loose clothes or strings or hair....
  9. It's a good tool to have, you will love it for tough lug nuts and axle nuts.
  10. It is possible that your A.C. compressor hub bearing is shot and binds. Do not drive far till you confirm. Remove belt and rotate each accessory and feel for roughness and drag. I had an A.C. hub go bad, it makes racket and will smoke, squeal, and throw belts off. How does it sound?
  11. Direct a message at me if you are in a rush using the @ sign, like this and Ill see it faster, I get a message, do this >> @BodybyFisher The coils will discharge the battery quickly without the alternator. The symptoms make it sound like you lost a belt, I am surprised you didn't. It's rare for an alternator to seize but I suppose it's possible. Something caused your battery to drain
  12. @BravoSierra It is possible that an accessory seized, an idler wheel, alternator, ac compressor, steering, or tensioner. Check the battery voltage with your meter what is the volts? Recharge the battery with a portable charger back to full charge. Stay clear and have someone start the car and look, at the belt area for something seized. It may not turn over as an accessory is seized, look at lights to see if they dim but the engine doesn't turn. Do not hold key more than 5 seconds if lights dim and engine does NOT turn. If engine starts and there is a squeal locate it fast and turn engine off. Stay out of the line of the belt in case it breaks, do NOT hang your head over the belt!! Be careful, keep hands away