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  1. Is it a clicking noise? Can you make a video of it? Does the engine turn over at all?
  2. Good photos, I like how you are keeping related parts together. Did you drop the engine and trans from the bottom? What is the big steel frame with the wheels being used for?, lifting?
  3. Unfortunately PMing him here delayed the process. Well at least you got together now. Look forward to seeing your results
  4. Glad your stuck with it and solved the problem!! Good for you!! Sorry it was so costly and time consuming to solve. This is a great thread for RHD exports Interesting that is did involve the RHD configuration, that sounded like a mess to sort out.
  5. Ok good! PMd Jake here?
  6. Jake has messages since 6/13. If this HAS been a month, Jake needs to know how you tried to contact him so he can avoid this in the future. Please detail your contact method and dates
  7. Ill page Jake and get him to come here. This should not happen
  8. I am sorry I missed all of this I have been distracted with a lot of stuff. I am happy that she is running well and the ISC is working! @OldCadTech knows his stuff. This is a great thread on the ISC, its slowly becoming a thesis paper!
  9. @Göran W. So they sent the wrong strut? The harness in your car was torn? Was that the problem all along? I am sorry, I have been away for a couple of weeks, what does this mean? Still interested in any values for this conection! Like this
  10. Thanks again, so far so good!

  11. update, Murphy's Law !

  12. Very odd that you didn't find anything. How did the alternator feel? Pay close attention to the AC compressor
  13. Buy a Balkamp block tester from NAPA it is $47. Follow the directions and do the test. The kit works very good and I have had mine for many years and did many tests.