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  1. I bought a 1993 Seville STS a few months back, I've put around 1200 miles on it since acquiring and recently found I was having an issue where the car acts like the key is in accessory after removing the key. This seems to co-inside to a recent event where I found the brake lines were junk and had them replaced to the rear. It is entirely possible while the mechanic was working on that he hit a ground or something triggering this. I combed through this link for some ideas However I am working with a Seville not a Deville, was hoping you gents could give me some good images to work with regarding tracking down grounds, relays, sensors. I do have Alldata BUT only on the 99 Seville which I know to get the generation after the 92-97. I also have a 1997 Seville STS that I can harvest parts from if needed or they fit. Thanks guys!
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    New Cadillac owner 97 Deville

    I found this earlier and thought it might be useful to you as well banj Generic chiltons manual for 90-98 Deville/Seville
  3. There are three unlabeled relays under the fuse center, are these the ignition relays? EDIT: it appears these three are Cooling Fan Relays 1-3.
  4. They key does feel like it is operating correctly. It does spring back. I have done some further testing and found out that if i pull "IGN3" the blower does not kick on. I plugged back in the RAPIE module since its obviously not at fault. Raised vehicle removed driver front tire to look at electrical connections around ABS unit, not finding anything upfront that appears to be at fault, next will lift rear driver side and inspect. I checked the codes while I had battery connected last, I052 makes sense for battery being disconnected Current: I052 ....................................................... Keep Alive Memory Error T072 ........................................................ Serial Data Link Fault T073 .......................... PCM - EBTCM/EBCM Pulse Width Modulation Signal Fault S037 ............................ Electronic Level Control Exhaust Valve Short to B+ History: S036 ...................... Electronic Level Control Compressor Short to Ground/Open S038 ................... Electronic Level Control Exhaust Valve Short to Ground/Open S044 ..................................................... Lift or Dive Signal Fault S061 ............................................. Right Front Position Sensor Fault Should I disconnect the Electronic brake control and traction module to test?
  5. I will continue the hunt for black boxes tomorrow, put the glovebox back in left the rest disassembled. Pulled the RAPIE connection, the issue persists. Odd question, if for some reason the Master Control Switch was at fault, could it cause this kind of issue? My gut feeling tells me no. I will give the tap test a shot in the morning. Thanks for the continued support, diagnosing car electrics are definitely not my forte.
  6. I definitely do not have one of those afterblowers. Anything worth checking in this region before I put it back together?
  7. I have scoured the engine bay and I cannot find an afterblow module unless it is found somewhere else? Maybe this will help? I get in, close door, its already kicked on the Blower(happens every time i plug the battery back in) Turn off the blower, turn car over(sounds whiney because I did not put the air housing back on yet). Shut car off, upon opening door it re-triggers, though had i waited another 5-10 seconds it would have done the same even without opening the door. Car will stay in this exact manner until battery is dead, I will dig around in the trunk tomorrow, I believe the RAP module is there if this picture is to be trusted
  8. Temperature is mid 60s, was in 40s yesterday or the day before. I pulled the fuses upfront and the two circled fuses are hot when the battery is connected[see attached picture]. I got a good view under the driver side path of the brake lines and was pissed to find out that the lines were not run properly(literally just pulled underneath the car in a straight path). So I am willing to bet there is in fact wire damage or a disconnected cable somewhere causing power to flow. CJ2 : HVAC SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER FRT, AUTO TEMP CONT is the RPO code for the HVAC unit. I called the dealer that originally sold the car, but they don't have any records on it any longer. The unit is still the original stock unit. I am open to trying anything, so I don't have to keep pulling the battery terminal off every trip. Here are the rest of the RPO codes if it helps at all: AX5 AN3 AU0 AU4 BF4 BW2 B19 B25 B58 B77 B89 B90 CJ2 AX5 : PARTITION, EXPANDED METAL, LEFT SIDE AN3 : SEAT, FRT BKT, DRIV, PASS, ELEC BODY SUPT CONT AU0 : LOCK CONTROL, REM0TE ENTRY AU4 : LOCK CONTROL, SIDE DR, ELEC, AUT0MATIC BF4 : COVERING, FLOOR CARPET, CUSTOM BW2 : MOLDING B/S, DELUXE B19 : ORNAMENTATION, INTR, CUSTOM B25 : TRIM EQUIPMENT LUGG COMPT, DELUXE B58 : COVERING, FLOOR MATS FRT & RR, CARPETED INSERT B77 : ORNAMENTATION, EXTR MLDG W/S REVEAL, COLORED B89 : ORNAMENTATION, EXTR MLDG, RR WINDOW REVEAL, B90 : ORNAMENTATION, EXTR MLDG, SIDE WINDOW REVEAL CJ2 : HVAC SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER FRT, AUTO TEMP CONT CO1 DD8 DEH DG6 D55 FE3 FV4 IK5 JL9 KA1 KG9 L37 MW1 C01 : ORNAMENTATION, EXTR EMBLEM, BODY, VAR 2 DD8 : MIRROR I/S, R/V, LT SENSITIVE DEH: DETROIT PLANT DG6 : MIRROR O/S, LH & RH, REM CONT, ELEC, DEFOG, TINTED D55 : CONSOLE, FRT COMPT, FLOOR FE3 : SUSPENSION SYSTEM, SPORT FV4 : RATIO, TRANSAXLE FINAL DRIVE 3.71 IK5? JL9 : BRAKE, SYSTEM, PWR, FRT a RR OISC, ANTILOCK, FRT W KA1 : HEATER SEAT KG9 : GENERATOR, 140 AMP ] L37 : ENGINE, GAS, 8 CYL, 4.6L, V8 OHC WRONG! MW1 : TRANSMISSION, MAN 5 SPD, 80RG WARNER, 77MM, 4.03 MXD NA5 NP5 NV7 NW9 PF4 QVF TL1 T46 T93 T96 UA6 UQ4 MXD? NA5 : EMISSION SYSTEM, FEDERAL, TIER O NP5 : LEATHER WRAPPED, STEERING WHEEL AND SHIFT KNOB NV7 : STEERING, POWER, VARIABLE EFFORT NW9 : TRACTION CONTROL, ELECTRONIC PF4 : WHEEL, 16 X 7, ALUMINUM QVF : TIRE ALL, P225/60ZR16/N BL R/PE ST TL AL3 TL1 : GRILLE, SPECIAL T46 : HOOD, STEEL T93 : LAMP, TAIL & STOP, SPECIAL T96 : LAMP, FOG UA6 : THEFT DETERENT SYS UQ4 : SPEAKER SYSTEM, BOSE, 4 U?Y9 U1G U75 VB7 VJ6 VK3 V1F V4R V73 YL1 YL6 YM1 YM5 UY9 : CLUSTER, KILO & MILES, MECHANICAL DISPLAY U1G : RADIO, AM STEREO/FM STEREO, P8, SEEK/SCAN AUTO REV U75 : ANTENNA, POWER, RADIO VB7 : BUMPER, FRONT AND REAR SPORT VJ6 : LICENSE PLATE, RR POCKET, DELUXE VK3 : LICENSE PLATE, FRT MOUNTING PKG V1F : PAINT, SPECIAL METALLIC - CHARGE V4R : PROVISION OPTIONS, VEHICLE SECURITY V73 : ANTENNA, FIXED YL1 : TRIM OVERRIDE, UPHOLSTERY, LEATHER/VINYL YL6 : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT ---- DELETE YM1 ? YM5 : STRIPE ACCENT DELETE YN6 YN7 YP6 Y22 52F 52I 525 6LR 7LR 8CC 9CC 93U YN6? YN7? YP6 : MERCHANDISED PKG, SEVILLE TOURING SEDAN Y22? 52F : COVERING COLOR, FLOOR MAT, LT NEUTRAL (92) 52I : INTERIOR TRIM, LT NEUTRAL (I) (92) 525 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (S) (92) 6LR? 7LR? 8CC? 9CC? 93U : PRIMARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, WHITE DIAMOND (91)
  9. Retained power feature I am familiar with, but this is something different. I turn ignition to position LOCK/OFF and key is removed. Dash, Radio turn off as normal. About 5-10 seconds after this you see the Tachometer needle kick up and it is as if the car is in Accessory power. Fan belts kick on, radio turns on, dash is on without a fuel reading[claims LO when ~150miles left on tank and gauge is accurate]. Opening any door will trigger this as well. The first couple times it happened I was able to turn car back on and off again and get it to 'stay off', It is now at the point where I have been disconnecting the battery everytime I park as it will not kill the elect after ANY set time. Thanks for responding Bruce, I hope this answer helps make more sense of the problems.