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  1. Thanks for the help again, what a great place !
  2. @OldCadTech and @BodybyFisher, finally tore in to this and turns out I had a blown compressor fuse. Found this out after checking the connectors, I took a light to the maxi fuse for the fans and just started to check the others around it, once I replaced that fuse I started the car and let it warm up and the fans kicked on. I reset the p1660 code and the engine light went off and after about a half hour ride everything seems OK not over heating and no more code. Does that seem right to you guys? Would that fuse have an effect on the auxiliary fans? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, I am at work today also, i will get back to you all as soon as I can..much appreciated!
  4. @OldCadTech I did clear the codes and it came right back, I am going to go and check the connectors, In a bit have to move some vehicles around in the driveway and garage to get the caddy in. THanks guys
  5. @OldCadTech, when I bought the car one of the aluminum lines for the ac was in the trunk u put it back on but have never used the ac. I will turn it on and see if the fans come on
  6. Hey guys, back again. 96 eldorado, just got a check engine light, got home and checked the codes and it was p1660. While I was driving temp is fine but when I stop it goes up, I leet the car sit in the driveway and let it heat up the fan is not coming on. I was wondering if anyone has some tips on how to check for the problem. Thanks
  7. @BodybyFisher Thanks for posting that picture for me, I have some work to do on the ac, but for later
  8. Oh yeah I wasn't planning on using it just wanted to cover the open hole, I will replace the things you suggested when I get everything else done, thanks again
  9. OK @OldCadTech got it plugged in thank you and thank you @KHE, didn't know that was a sensor. Is there anything I should be concerned with that I haven't got the ac compressor off message for a long time? I know there is no r134a in it because one of the aluminum ac lines were in the trunk when I got it I have put it back on.
  10. OK will go out again, I did get that message once when I first got the car about a year ago but not since then, ac has never worked, person I got it from was a mess and did things to to which he had no idea what he was doing. I have been going through and fixing things one by one, the car is in great shape body wise and only has 140000 on it I got it for 500 cause it didn't run now I got her going good in large part thanks to all of you guys! I have an oil leak and the ac to go now
  11. I just double checked and there is no where for that plug to go in that genreal area.
  12. OK i have to get on my regular computer when I get off work @BodybyFisher thanks
  13. Thanks @rockfangd I was worried it was something bigger. I have put a lot into the Eldorado in the past month she is running good now. Thank you also @OldCadTech
  14. Ok, thank you so much for the reply