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  1. The creeking sound is a new thing..sounds like a sticking actuator no too sure..going to take out the actuator i replaced last yr and check it .and if thats fine i guess im taking apart the dash to find whats sticking or not opening .freon was check and it was over 2.5 lbs which is yet another issue..thanks for the help..these cars are great when they run but when they break its a pain to figure out lol
  2. Not sure if u fixed it yet but i have the same prob with my 05 deville except its the pass side with warm air.last year i replaced the actuator and it worked but now i have the same sound as u described..and once again ac is not working on right side or back seat..can u tell me what the issue was and what u did to fix it ??? Cant be blend door actuator since i already fixxed that problem.but as soon as creaking sound started it failed again..thanks