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  1. Problem Resolved! My recliner problem has been put on the back burner till I was able to get some health issues in order. Finally, made a few local inquiries and after receiving some good reviews on a local Auto Upholstery shop I took it in and left it with them. They had a line on another similar seat that we could scavenge for parts if necessary, and would give it a look over. The next day they called and said they had taken the seat out and checked all the electrical items and they were functioning correctly, so they shined up everything that needed shining and reassembled. Seat works like it is supposed to. I was ready for a big headache and once again the Caddy Gods shone down their light of mercy upon me. Thanks for all your input!
  2. I am scheduled for a diagnosis. Don't know how indepth that will's a chevy dealer. I assume the part is going to be a pulled part and unavailable thru GM network? So...don't know how involved they want to be with installation on a questionable, NOT GM OEM part. We'll see. A solid recommendation to a trusted garage they may know of would be enough for me to put it off till they can see me. BUT...I am also getting all the info together that I would need to do it myself. Old eyes, knees, etc will be time consuming factors for me, but mechanically I feel up to it. ONe question...are all the air bag connectors this yellow color you speak of? Is that the color assigned to them? If there are a bunch of connectors under the dash when I tear into it, I would prefer being guided by simple colors than trying to decipher these confusing B&W line drawn diagrams I am seeing online... Another question...does the Cadillac service manual that I cannot seem to find online (yet) have in-depth instructions for a procedure like this? I'm not talking about Hayne's or Chiltons...I mean the real deal...GM/Cadillac stuff. Thanks for your time! ...and... Merry Christmas! BTW, OldCadTech...I'm in Portland. Are you east or west wash.state? Your signature echoes my union's (Pipefitter's) motto: "Do it right the first time."
  3. So, digging a bit deeper into the process of removing the seat, and along with Bruce's warning to disengage the air bags, do I have to do all the under dash unconnecting all the front air bags OR can I just disconnect the BATTERY so there is no power distributed to all these items? A procedure I read started with removing the SIR fuse under the back seat, then proceded to have me go under the dash and disconnect the front and pass. air bags. Is this really necessary if the Battery is out of the loop? It warned that removing the battery and then working on the airbags was a potential for all kinds of problems...not sure why this would be an issue if put back correctly, but just looking for some validation to this warning. Also, since the back is fully reclined, will that keep me from getting to the bolts I have to loosen to remove the tracks? this is much more complicated than taking out the seats in my old '66 ford.... Procedure I read was from a site called JustAnswer. Seems they sell you the information specific to your prob. But past problems of other people are on the site to read, which is where I got the SIR information and the directions to disconnect the airbags under the dash. Does anyone have an opinion about JustANSwer site?
  4. Already tried that. Seems locked. It will be a problem laid back like it is till I get it at least looked at. There are no shortages of track and motor assemblies available online, so my question needing to be answered is whether the it is a simple R&R of the seat out of the car, then the track off of the seat and then reverse procedure. I am hesitant to attempt it if the seat upholstery has to be unstitched, or taken apart to put the new arms that support the back INTO the back. They must insert themselves a fair amount of way up the seatback, so I wonder what the anchoring/bolting details are like. I do not want to mess up the seat. It is like new.....just doesn't!
  5. BTW...Where is the airbag in my SEAT? Always assumed they were surrounding, not supporting me...
  6. Looking online, I see used tracks with motors that appear to be available at a decent price. It appears to also be the part that has the motor for the back section to recline. I would rather replace the mechanism rather than the whole seat at the risk of not matching the appearance of my original seat. Has anyone R & R'd the seat , and replaced this track/motor assembly? Bruce has mentioned the need to disable the airbags and paying attention to the seat belt tightening affair.
  7. So, you think the entire seat will have to be replaced? They won't be able to replace a mechanism or part?
  8. Oh no! Trouble in Paradise...(2002 Deville base) Returning my wife home from the hospital after a back procedure, the back of the passenger seat failed to return to it's upright position on command...all other power mechanisms for the seat work. I am assuming my wife didn't try to remove her weight from the seatback as she pressed the control and her body's weight stripped a gear or burnt a contact...or....? Any ideas? I have an appointment with a tech at the local GM/chev service on Monday following Christmas. (great time to have difficulties, huh?) I trust they will be able to diagnose it, but the question REALLY comes down to access to the parts necessary to fix...ARE they readily available from Cad/GM/Chev...or is it a search for a junked seat mechanism? Parts available ANYWHERE?
  9. Thank you for providing that excellent description of this feature. I had no idea. I'll be more comfortable stretching out my oil changes, but don't know if I would ever take it to 12,500 before changing my oil. I am continually amazed at the engineered excellence that these cars benefit from.
  10. I'm old school and usually change out my oil at 3000-3500 mi. What metric does the "%" read out on my on board diagnostics use? Mileage? Viscosity? I know you guys know....😁
  11. Merry Christmas! Just realized I should update my thread... I replaced the battery last month when I noticed a substantial sale on Dell Gold batteries at a local GM dealership, and have not had any further revving up issues...or any other problems! At the same time I replaced the front brake pads. Very happy with the ease of replacement of them. Thanks for all your suggestions and help.
  12. It is so infrequent...a total of two times in the three month I have owned it. Wouldn't a throttle body plate sticking open cause this a lot more......conjecture, I know.... I think there is two probable systems that could cause this (looking for a yeah or nay here) electrical or fuel...and since the only other indication I have of malfunctions on either is a hinky battery, I will probably get a new battery and hope for the best. Need one anyway. Low voltages can cause havoc on electronics, I am aware.. The throttle body cleaning is a simple procedure so I'll include it, too...can't hurt.
  13. googling these codes did not indicate anything that would cause my odd reving. HOWEVER... gentleman suggested my battery may be going bad....I DO have a shaky battery which will not start the engine if I sit and listen to radio or play cassette/cd music, or accidentally leave light on, too.... A possibililty?
  14. pulled codes this morning...several history codes, (do we need them, too?) Lots of "no" codes "Current" codes: DDM B1591 IPM B0429
  15. Yes, airline comes on shortly after startup and cycles off. I will get the codes as soon as I get the nerve to find out everything that my little girl is keeping from G